Need advice on my ITF taekwondo patterns

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  1. kmh220982

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    I am a 1st degree and trying to improve my patterns which are very jumpy and all over the place. Not entirely sure what's wrong with them, they just don't look very sharp. I have tried slowing down, using more sine wave, then using less sine wave, slightly making my chambering bigger, then smaller, using more force., trying to relax more in between moves... nothing seems to change the way they look. Any tips?
  3. MI_martialist

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    Break them down and drill the multiple armed and unarmed applications of each pose and posture, the once you have that understanding, try doing the hyung again.
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  4. kmh220982

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    Thank you!
  5. Master of Nothing

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    This is great advice. I'd even take it a step further and breakdown the individual techniques to the base operating mechanics. An example would be the braking down to the punch in its chamber, travel, impact snap of the fist, and recoil when applicable. Doing so for all the techniques will improve your Hyung as well as your Sparring and Fighting application
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  6. kmh220982

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    Thank you!

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