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    GoldDan Founder of Neo-Bokator, supreme master Dan.

    I have been running a business for five years, teaching martial arts from a big garage that my parents left me. They were hoarders because they grew up poor, so they had a very hard time getting rid of their stuff. I cleaned it out and put mats on the walls and floor, we have an area dedicated to kickboxing with harder mats. In the future I wanna get a MMA octagon.

    I am the founder of Neo-Bokator, it is a very complete system. We have kicks from taekwondo, kickboxing, karate and muay thai. We have boxing and grappling, wrestling. I have picked up a lot of different skills since I started out in martial arts in elementary, doing taekwondo and karate. In high school I did wrestling, I also did a little bit of Judo and when MMA got popular I did BJJ and MMA.

    I was very impressed by the effectiveness of BJJ and MMA. I considered starting up a taekwondo school, calling it "(insert random awesome word here) Taekwondo" and just teach MMA. Because people would think it was the best taekwondo ever. But someone from Australia had allready done that, so I called my system Neo-Bokator, because it is Bokator without the dancing.

    I made my own belt system to save money, I awarded myself with a gold belt from amazon. I carry it for being the founder of Neo-Bokator, so that I can promote my students to black belt. But I don't really care much about belts, it is for kids who want the magic of eastern mysticism. Also, the kids can't spar hard, I don't feel comfortable with them getting to hurt or doing certain submissions, so they do more combination and basics, the belts provide them with important motivation.

    With the adults I am more of a bro. In the end of the day we have a list of skills that we need to learn how to do during sparring, that is what it is all about. I love teaching martial arts, I am a respected member of my community and I live a good life.

    I want to join this forum to discuss with other instructors in here, issues when teaching certain types of people. And the job in general, after all, it is lonely at the top. But please adress me as supreme master Dan, after all I have a gold belt so I outrank you all! just kidding.

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