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    Saw this on my FB page and had to share as I thought it looked quite interesting. Kata and it's uses or lack there of is always a good conversation to get peoples emotions running. For myself I still practice the katas that I remember from my GoJu Ryu and Wing Chun days, though for me it serves a purely moving mediative purpose. I'd be lying if I tried to say that I get into studying the bunkai of kata, but I still find talking and learning about it quite interesting. So for that reason I will no doubt find this Doco quite interesting too, assuming it gets the funding it needs to finish the project of course.
    Copy and paste from the link above -

    Documentary about empty hand Kata, featuring interviews with some of the most respected names in Traditional Martial Arts.

    Kata - The Film

    "Ask questions freely of the Master and other Superiors, because you must strive to understand what you are learning."

    Ryukyu Kempo Guiding Principle #10

    This film is the first of its kind -
    Through interviews with some of the most respected Senior yudansha in Martial Arts, from several Traditional Martial Arts Styles, this film will explore the many facets of Empty hand Kata.
    It will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to listen to the keen insight from Yudansha, that represent well over a combined 300 years of Martial Arts experience

    Some of the Yudansha who have graciously committed to being interviewed are:

    Teruo Chinen - A living legend of Gojo Ryu Karate.

    Hanshi Albert Geraldi - One of Sensei Oyata's Senior students, and who also helped bring Sensei Oyata to the U.S.

    Kaicho Alan Amor - President of The United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance and a former student of Sensei Oyata.

    Kyoshi Neil Stolsmark - a 30 year practitioner, and one of the most respected names of Shorin Ryu.

    Hanshi John Snyder - Who trained directly under Odo Sensei.

    Sensei Robert Hunt - A long-time Shito Ryu practitioner, and Author of the book "The Art and The Way."

    Sensei Ray Hughes - A Wado Ryu practitioner with over 40 years experience.

    Renshi Micheal Newland - A Shorin Ryu practitioner with decades of experience, and a student of Kyoshi Stolsmark.

    Renshi Matt Apsokardu - Author of the Martial Arts blog:"Iki Gai."

    Hanshi Jeffery Riggs - An Nakayama disciple with over 25 years of Martial Arts experience.

    Kyoshi Anthony Carnemolla - Who was once Hanshi Geraldi's Sempai.

    Shihan Grant Campbell - 9 time USA Karate champion.

    Renshi's Kirk and Jenifer Gauger - My Martial Arts instructors - who taught me the love of Kata.

    They will be asked to give their thoughts on many of the questions related to empty hand Kata, that those of us who are practitioners have often asked.

    Questions such as:
    What is the purpose of Kata?
    If a Kata takes a lifetime to master, why do we learn so many?
    Why do the Kata look "different" - depending on the style performing them?
    Are there any Kata that remain unchanged from the original versions?
    How are Kata still relevant today?

    These are just some of the questions I will pose to the Yudansha being interviewed - there will be many others. It will be a fascinating look into the thoughts of those who have spent so many years In the Martial Arts.

    The Yudansha being interviewed will also be given the opportunity to perform a Kata that represents the style they study, or that is their personal favourite.
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    I just asked him "will this video including English closed captions or English subtitles ?"

    He replied
    I am a $30 backer for this one... I can not wait to see this in October 2014 if success.

    Will you kindly ...
    Spread the word about his film now !
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