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Discussion in 'Fresh Meat (Introduce Yourself)' started by Chaleira, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Chaleira

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    Hi, I'm Chaleira! I'm new here and looking forward to some great discussions and learning from you all. I've had the opportunity to train in various arts over the years.... though my main and current style has been capoeira since 2007! Over the years I've also trained or dabbled in MMA, Kick Boxing, BJJ, JKD, FMA, Boxing, San-Jitsu Ryu, and most recently and currently Judo! I still dabble in other arts when I can, just for the love of martial arts! I've been into martial arts since 1997 (around the age of 15)
  3. Bad Karma

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    Welcome to the forum. Always interesting discussion going on here. I've been in the arts for around 45 years. I teach the Ed Parker system of American Kenpo. Will look forward to some of your posts/questions.
    Enjoy and salutations
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  4. Chaleira

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    Thanks for the warm welcome Bad Karma!

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