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    You don't have to satisfy everyone. (You only have to satisfy me.)
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    we will try Dagon you are exigent but this is great :)
    when there is a critic you can improve when there are only compliments: no (this is what my master say ) :)
    Wich style do you practice Dagon ?
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    This just impressed me more than any video I saw.(y)
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    _ing _un, of course.
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    See this.... This is part from the book ''Alhemy of the transformation in the martial art'' This is book about the inner energy,interdementional bodyes, chakras, DNA,alhemy and many more. The book is verry interesting. More info or questions on private message.

    What exactly is power? This is a complex question. Power is something abstract. We cannot see or touch it but we can feel it. It is something completely real. Power is something great! For a searcher who genuinely looks for it and longs for it, it is an honorable goal and an idée fixe. Few are the ones who manage to accomplish it. It is something alive that observes us. It sees inside of us and appears to those that are deserving or to those it chooses. But it is also something inside of us, locked and waiting. We are the ones that are supposed to find it inside. Power can be dangerous too. It can be an enemy. It can be one of the most fearful enemies. A lot of people who have managed to access it later have become its victims. It can seduce and intoxicate us. It can give us a feeling of might and it is more addictive than any drug. In this way we could be possessed by it and we become its slaves. We become dependent. That is why it is not for everyone. It is only for those who are deserving. I don’t know if everybody would grasp what I mean when I say power. Surely, I don’t mean lifting an elephant with one hand. This is power, too but a different kind of power, it’s only a crumb from what power can give you access to. I mean power in the sence of Morihei’s ability to knock out people without even touching them. Or by doing extrordinary things and feeling in an extraordinary way. This, however, is also a crumb from what we could have. A truly powerful man does not spend time to make magic tricks. Such people do not even crave for power because they don’t need it. They have understood that there are higher goals than power and by pursuing them it comes along naturally, without even inviting it. If one pursues a higher goal, it is inevitable that they become powerful. I stop digging into the subject of power because this is an absorbing subject and it may consume a lot of time. When I think of power, I fall into a very peculiar mood. I could carry on talking like this but I think I may be left misunderstood by most people. Not to mention that many people disapprove of such nonsense. For them such stories about powers and energies are faraway fantacies and consequently should be ridiculed and laughed at.
    On the other hand, I cannot grasp how one can train through out their whole life some form of a martial art, take for instance karate, travel through the whole world visiting seminars and different schools, and in the end still be a disbeliever! There are so many great masters doing incredible things. Some even travel the world to show people that what people think is impossible can be possible. Of course, I have been asked by skeptics whether I have witnessed such things in order to start talking about them.
    Of course, I have! Would I talk, let alone write about them, otherwise? I have seen things that are better to be left unsaid. Nevermind. The fact that many people don’t believe in such stories is absolutely normal and has its reasoning which we are not going to discuss here. Let’s go back to the physical body. It is impossible to describe all of the changes that it undergoes so I am briefly discussing some things. Let’s begin with the vibration theory. It is a common fact that everything around us vibrates. Atoms, molecules, objects, heavenly bodies all vibrate. Our bodies, being a part of everything else also vibrate. Every organ has its own frequency of vibration. There are lower and higher frequency organs, according to their function. It was not long ago that scientists made some tests with a special aparatus called a vibroscop, with which the vibration of the different organs was measured.
    .................................................. ........................
    Here is where I come to the topic for the second of our bodies - the energetic body.
    What type of body is this? This is non-physical energy that circulates in our body. It is an exact copy of the physical body and it is so tightly connected with it that they both form one whole. Our physical body with all of its organs and glands, cannot function without the non-physical components that build it. Physical and non-physical nature are in a constant interaction.
    How is our energy body organised? In contrast to the physical body which is made out of material palpable organs, the energetic body consists of pure energy in motion. It circulates in bigger and smaller channels, called meridians, and through bigger and smaller energy vortices, called chakras. The chakras are energy centres that have a greater quanties of energy. There are seven energy centres put around the central axis of the body - from the head to the perineum. There the energy is whirling in counter-clockwise direction. The faster the whirling, the healthier a person is. The speed of circulation is an indicator for the inner health of a person. This can be measured with fine technology.
    .................................................. ................`
    I have titled this book “Alchemy of Transformation”. It is an interesting title. What is alchemy? It is an ancient and pristigeous science. A long time ago I though it was a pathetic and primitive medieval ancestor of the contemporary chemistry. Or in two words antiquated nonsense. But that was not exactly the case! Alchemy is a great science with roots in the ancient times.
    Old alchemists - tese great minds, could make miracles. They knew how to transform ordinary metals into precious ones.They could turn lead into gold. But how? They knew the natural laws. They studied the Universe, the influences of the heavenly bodies, they unraveled the secrets of the cosmos. They knew great secrets. Today all of the world-class scientists would admire their knowledge. It would sweep their feet away!
    Alchemy in my opinion is the missing branch between science and magic. Today it officially doesn’t exist but still there are a lot of people who pretend they are alchemists. Very few of them are in reality such. The ancient alchemical books are kept in secret places and by enlightened beings. There are quite many people would like to know how to create gold out of lead. This is why I am going to share how this is done so that I save them some time on the look out. Lead as a base metal has lower vibration than those of gold. Consequently, we have to raise its vibration to the frequency of gold and preserve it that way. This is how it is done ... good luck!!!

    Part of the book ''Alhemy of the transformation in the martial art''

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