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  1. Gone

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    Hey, I am a new member here. I've been browsing for a little while though. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum/subforum.

    Little bit of background info.. I am an Australian, and have a strong weightlifting background, though very little martial arts experience. Me and mates would muck around wrestle in the backyard, and I have been doing Zen Do Kai for a few months now so I am still very fresh.

    The problem I have found with with Zen Do Kai is there is almost zero written material about it, unlike other martial arts which have more walk-throughs, guides, how-to's and "bios" than you can poke a stick at. I find that really unfortunate, because I love doing Zen Do Kai. Are there any other practitioners on the forum?

    Tbh, the only reason I started doing martial arts was to improve the odds of survival for myself and other loved ones if something were to happen somewhere. Just purely for self defence, basically. I would like to do Systema/Sambo training, eventually.

    FTR, I would appreciate it if my threads didn't show up on facebook/twitter/etc..

    If there is anything you guys would like to know, to help me out with, or whatever, just ask.

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  2. WonderingFist

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    Welcome to the forum.

    and yea, ZDK is relatively new...
    Where abouts do you do it? The only place I'm aware of is Fight Rite near Blacktown?

    ...and Self Defence is as good a reason as any to start practising an art, and if defence is your hope, Sambo and Systema are just up your alley! So good luck if you can find someone to teach it to you :p
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  3. ghost

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    I'm pretty sure Zen Do Kai (Kaizentao) is Systema.
  4. ghost

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  5. WonderingFist

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    The spiel I got when I checked it out was that it was home brewed with kung fu, karate, judo and wrestling? or something like that....
  6. Ben

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    Welcome to Black Belt Forums. I am also an Australian :) What part of Aus are you from? I hope you find the information you're looking for here. Once again, welcome.
  7. ghost

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    Zen Do Kai is just a rearranged way of saying Kaizentao or Kaizendo. It's pretty much Systema.
  8. Gone

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    Well, I don't know anything about that. ZDK seems to be nothing like the Systema I've seen those two Russian blokes do on the internet (Mikael and Vladimir, I think their names are).

    Zen Do Kai seems to be a hybrid of Karate and Hapkido, but then again I am no expert. ZDK includes many things from many arts, which is all the point of why it was made. Take the best from the best, etc.

    The gym near my rental property offers Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, FMA, and ZDK.

    There is a Karate gym, Kick boxing gym, and Tae Kwon Do gym in other parts of town, though.

    Having aspergers syndrome is also a challenge, too.
  9. Bruce

    Bruce Samurai

    Zen Do Kai is a freestyle martial art system which originated in Australia by Bob Jones and Richard Norton when they left the Japanese Gōjū Kai karate dojo of Tino Ceberano in 1970.
    Bob Jones describes Zen Do Kai as an "open system", and as such is "open to influences and ideas from all around the world",[1] embracing elements from Boxing, grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Eskrima, Judo, Karate and Muay Thai.[1] Zen Do Kai means, according to Jones, "the best of everything in progression",[1] and its elements include self-defence moves, kata, and strike work. It is set apart from many forms of traditional karate because it allows many techniques and practices used by Thai kickboxing. The Zen Do Kai philosophy encompasses the principle of "if it works, use it" and as such contains elements of a variety of other martial arts.
    Zen Do Kai uses kata as a form of discipline during training and these kata have been selected for the aid in rudimentary development of stances and techniques. Most of the katas derive from traditional Okinawan styles of karate, reflecting Jones' background in the 1960s.[citation needed]
    Zen Do Kai also places a large emphasis on grabs and holds and other general close combat and ground fighting techniques, having adapted itself after the emergence in particular of Gracie Jujitsu and other forms of groundfighting largely unknown to the West until the late 1980s.[citation needed]
    The first Zen Do Kai dojo was opened at Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Jones states that it was originally intended to cater for those who worked in the security industry.[1] Zen Do Kai follows the classical martial arts model with a distinct hierarchy, a philosophy and the promotion of the ethical code of Bushido. Most Zen Do Kai schools emphasize self-defence applications but do not promote fighting or violence.[citation needed]
    The web site of Bob Jones Corporation Pty Ltd claims that Zen Do Kai has clubs located in Australia, New Zealand and Israel.[2]
    Born of Welsh ancestry and in the Chinese year of the dragon, Bob Jones incorporates this personal iconography intimately into the style of Zen Do Kai, with the use of the dragon in the emblematic black karate gi (see picture right).

    This is from Wikipedia, and blends with what i remember about it, I think it's still very popular here in NZ.
  10. ghost

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    I could be wrong. Who knew there existed different arts with the same name with interchangeable syllables? Lolz!
  11. Gone

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    Yeah, that Wikipedia article is one of the few pieces out there on ZDK (that I know about, anyway)..
    There is lots to it, thats for sure.
  12. Hey, in my travels i trained with a with ZDK in Ngatea, NZ. though i think it was in the process of changing to Kiaido Ryu, they had ZDK uniforms though. i reconised the uniform from a tournament in Tauranga i went to, ZDK were tough, the Tauranga school here hard hitters. Ngatea was being taught by Dale Speedy then ('92-'94), Lance Strong was pretty high up then as well. i think the nearest ZDK is in Auckland now.

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