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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Semper Gumby, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Semper Gumby

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    My only experience with FMA are a few videos by Dan Innosanto and various books, I would like to get up from my butt and start real training. I was hoping one of you might be able to clarify the difference between Escrima, Arnis and Kali. I am sure I have seen the answer on a book or documentary but do not recall. I am looking to study which ever FMA is most practical for self defense.

    I was also curious if any of you have ever lived/trained in the Philippians? I have hopes to immerse myself in the culture and in training for maybe a year or so.

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  3. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    They all are very practical for self-defense, at least that's what I remember from my Arnis and Kali training. Knife, stick, and empty hand techniques are either the exact same between the three, or have slight modifications most of the time; so once you learn how to use 1 weapon you usually quickly progress.

    I can't remember the differences myself, it's been a while since I was explained them, they all have common roots.

    Some of the more hardcore FMA guys on here might be able to enlighten you a little more.

    FMA is a great group of arts to pick up if you want to get into stick and knife work.
  4. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    Love FMA, the differences between Kali, arnis, and escrima are negligible in application. Their histories are thickly intertwined.
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  5. Isin't Kali the god of death?
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  6. WonderingFist

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    Well I can't help you on the semantics, but my lady-friend grew up in the Phils and her parents and aunties share a family friend who's some hardcore Kali guru, so I'm hoping for when I finish my Undergraduate Degree (or when I get some major time free!) to go to the Phils for training. If it's after the degree I'm going for an instructorship course! 3 months of 6 days a week! yea!

    I reckon the FMA are awesome! Good luck with it! Keep us all posted.
  7. Semper Gumby

    Semper Gumby Disciple

    I believe so, Hindu or Sikhism God.
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  8. Kumusta kaibigan,I to wish ya all my best also.I was in the Philipines only a short time and the folks there are very nice.. (and my talalog is very rusty!)Paalam na aking mahal masa.Ingat paalam to saiyo....
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  9. Yo Marine! I used to haul force recon guys around in ur Super Stallions (USAF when no Marine pilots were free.)I've alot of respect for those crasy fellas!
  10. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    OMG Scott, your interest in Master Dan Innosanto, will stand you in good steed my fellow Kali enthusiast!! Sadly I have never been to the Phillipines but I have trained under Master Dan Innosanto for many years.....peace and respects xXx
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  11. That's freakin awwsome Sensei Deborah! When I was there oddly enough it was to train further in para rescue as well train thier Air Forces people,hummmmm....Go figure huh padaba!(Padaba is a term of enderment from a guy to a girl,friendly of course).Gawsh,I used to whach thier kick boxing,it's a big thing there!
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  12. Semper Gumby

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    Super Stallions were a bulk of my travel when I was in Afghan, thank God for you guys or we would have to convoy everywhere.
  13. Semper Gumby

    Semper Gumby Disciple

    That is awesome you got to train under Dan Innosanto. Watching some of his training videos is what got me interested in Kali.
  14. OMG!,I was well aware of that and who wants to conoy round disneyland huh,LOL....I was already cleared on pave lowes so it weren't nothin to fly ur Stallions.I volinteered anytime you guys needed a lift and no pilot huh....As I've said before and I'll say again...I owe my life to a force recon Marine Ssgt.Landis....
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  15. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    yes, but i have no idea if they are just homonyms or if there is a specific cultural tie between the two. I do know kali has spear/ staff use in it too, most of it's weapons were based around a southeast asian hunting kit more than a warriors kit, though i could be mistaken, when i was studying FMA actively it was not the history i was exposed to, i had Pekiti Tirsia which i have been told is a type of kali, but my training focused on machetes, short blades and other nasty ways to say hello. So much fun, so eye opening for me. I assume the other systems are similar, just with differently shaped blades. They all use sticks though and it's all about geometry.
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  16. Now this is just an ed. guess but maybe the other two are sub or demi gods symbiotic to Kali.When you mentioned bladed weapons it all suddenly click...well,of sorts,LOL...Being that Kali is a multi armed and also as well armed but with different empliments other than a bladed weapon.....hummmmm....Arigotou gozaimashite Sensei,rei.
  17. Aaron Hutto

    Aaron Hutto Master

    I train under Guru Peter Freedman in the Boston Arnis Club. It originally started as traditional arnis but then eventually added aspects of kali, escrima, and dumog to it. This is how he explained it to me:

    The different martial arts come from different parts of the country. Typically arnis is all stick work but that is not always the case. Typically kali is all knife work (even though they train with sticks - they still pretend they are knives and use the sticks accordingly) but that is not always the case. Typically escrima is stick and knife and has a heavy influence from the spanish sword and dagger technique. And finally, dumog is grappling with weapons.

    That is how it was explained to me. There does not seem to be rules so much as guide lines. My guru likes to cross train in these styles because they promote different attributes. Kali teaches flow. Arnis teaches power. Escrima teaches tricky and misleading moves and dumog teaches what can go down if you are too close.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it ... until corrected.
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  18. Arigotou gozaimasu Sensei Aaron Hutto,rei.Yes!..that makes more sence than my poor stabe in the dark.I sometimes go into a logic sorta drive a try and figure things out(more successfully than not)and obviousely in this case I was off,LOL...TY again sir....
  19. Semper Gumby

    Semper Gumby Disciple

    Thanks for the clarification on the different types, much obliged.
  20. D. WOODS

    D. WOODS Shaolin Toad

    ArnIs has been influenced by karate so they sit down on their strikes more than other versions like a karate strike. Escrima has become the generic term since they are Called escrimadors. And Kali is the southern most still and is most similar to Silat and cane ebb have an animal flair. Then as mentioned before you have dumog wrestling with a knife and panatukin boxing with a knife all. Edison's of the same art but adapted by region.
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    TKCHIDO Initiate

    Eskrima is used as a general term for most of the hybrid weapon/empty hand styles. Kali and Arnis are basically the same thing from different regions where the grandmasters prefered a slightly different way of fighting eg: very close, mid or long range. most of the basic principles in the different styles are the same though.

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