Nick Diaz's camp files complaint over ufc 158

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by MattCMMA, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Just because I don't agree, doesn't mean I'm not being objective. I just don't agree.
    My dislike of Diaz isn't even a factor.
    Is the loophole wrong, yes.
    Should they close it up and make sure that any UFC event anywhere in the world is run under identical rules and regulations, yes.
    If Diaz had lodged a complaint before the fight and refused to fight, would he have been in the right, yes, absolutely.
    If he had lodged a complaint before the fight and was told to fight or else and then lost, then I would say he has a case.

    But he didn't. By agreeing to carry on and fight, he has given consent to the loophole rule.
    By agreeing to fight he has agreed to accept winning or loosing in the cage.

    His arguments now should be focused at getting this loophole and any or all others that may exist anywhere in the world fixed.
    An investigating commitie to make sure any and all UFC's are fought under a unified system of rules and regulations, including obviously contractual agreements and weigh in procedures.
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    You don't know that this didn't happen. Remember this was someone from the UFC themselves telling him about the .9 weight issue.

    You're acting like this is some written loophole in the rules of the commission. There isn't. The athletic commission has no written rule about rounding down a decimal point. In fact there are rules to the opposite. The commission decided to break it's OWN rules.

    This is the sole reason why athletic commission's exist.
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    I think most people look at it this way, they have been doing this for years, and no one has been bothered by it until Diaz loses. I don't think anyone is saying this could be wrong or not, just saying that Diaz is a sore loser and whines about everything, and all he wants to do is prove he didn't lose, when clearly he did.
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    No.. they haven't. That's what the commission has said they've been doing, which is bullshit.

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    From a contractual perspective, yes its valid 170 is 170 not 170.9 but if Nick Diaz knew about the .9 difference and knew it deviated from a material term in the contract prior to the agreed bout date and didnt raise an objection then it could be argued that he tacitly ratified the contract accepting the new weight, thats where the argument will come in from a strictly legal perspective
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    So until we know when Diaz's camp found out and when they first filed a complaint, this is all just conjecture.
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