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    Hi! I have been training in NO GI BJJ for over 2 months now and now my trainer has started forcing us to put on our gear when training. I am looking for a good online store to get rashguards and spats from. I found this website nogibjjgear when lurking around on forums here and i want to know if anyone has tried it? Do they deliver on time? Also if anyone can suggest me a good online store that you have actually tried it would be really helpful for me as well. Maybe a place that offers money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality and return in a couple of days sounds great.
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    I think you've mistaken about the national gi guards that are outdated in such formats. You need to try out the other NO GI gear for the game.

    I don't why this thread is so dead. Maybe because the users on these forums have very different thinking styles.
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    This forum is a ghost town.

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