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  1. Hi, have been on the forums for a few weeks now and thought i'll introduce myself.

    I'm Paul, I'm 40 and live on the Hauraki Plains in New Zealand, its my home town country.

    Have been studing martial Arts now for officially 22 years, prior to this I had tried Sedo Karate and Judo , Tai Chi Chuan,. I think i was looking for something but didn't know what it was. As a junior in High School i did boxing for about 2 years. After boarding school in my first year of University I discovered Massey University ITF Taekwondo. This was to be the start of my new life. It was 1991, i was 18. Mr Manjicka was an awesome mentor, even today, if it wasn't for him i may not have ever started martial arts.
    I spent 8 years training with ITFNZ and was an instructor under them for two years. In 1998 spent 5 years moonlighting with martial art styles such as; Jujitsu, Combat Hapkido, Tai Chi Chuan, Australasian Hapkido Association, Muay Thai, and some CQB as apart of my security training course. I received some lower grade ranks in these styles before returning to ITFNZ to sit my 1st Dan Black Belt in 2003.
    Completed my personal training, sports science and sport management diplomas between 1998 and 2002.
    During 2004 & 2005 I coached the 4th most competitive school in NZ for U18's, before becoming disheartening with ITFNZ and took up a contract to work on a cruise ship as a Professional Personal Trainer and Detox Specialist for 9 months. Was requested by the security detail on the Carnival Triumph, where they wanted training for CQB for two months before I was sent to a new cruise ship.
    The Cruise ships were an interesting 9 months. I got to meet some very interesting people, like, the out going USMC General who was retiring in 2006, not very talkative but you new he was a man you needed to listen too. An Akido Master, An African American, very tall, a Japanese Shotokan Master, very quite man, softly spoken and easy to talk to. Was invited to dinner to meet his family while they were on a 14 day cruise. Last of all one of the other trainers was a black belt in Judo from Bulgaria, his English was not so good, by the time I was finished with him he was speaking kiwiana easy as.
    I never went back to the city, got married, had three children and now teaching Tae Kwon Do in Waihi and the Hauraki Plains, I am affiliated with ITA ( International Taekwondo Association) under Grandmaster Benko. I'm a Security Signals Officer during the night.

    You might ask why call i my school Northwind, have a look at
    Face Book page :
    Email: northwindt[email protected]

    I very much enjoy martial arts, it is always very challenging, and am happy to say I have found 'The Way'. My 5 year old daughter started attending training last year, she asked me, out of the blue. She seems to be enjoying it.

    My training has change over the years, I do a lot more Joint Manipulation styled training now even
    though I still hammer out the Chang Hon Hyung forms of General Choi's TKD. I don't consider my self to be a instructor or coach anymore as i tend to mentor my students, the physical and mental training also includes a lot more holistic teaching on philosophy, martial culture, history, human interaction and moral culture to name a few.

    With out Martial arts (and my children) i believe my life would be quite dull and uneventful.

    My legacy will be my children and the knowledge they pass on to the next generations.
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    Welcome! I have an 'honorary' 1st don in ITF TKD. I trained in it for two years and ran the business end of the school. I also taught a kenpo program there and a an MMA program in the building but they were very small. After a couple years, the owner gave me my honorary black belt in TKD.

    It was a lot of fun but the kicking was a bit much for my blown left knee.
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    Welcome to the site Paul. I spent around 6 months in New Zealand in 2007 so I always like meeting Kiwis. It's such a beautiful country. My best friend's little brother is currently touring the country. Must admit I was a bit jealous when I saw the photos :)
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  4. Youre welcome.
  5. Yeah TKD can be pretty hard on the joints

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