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    I just didn't notice this before. 'Nuther limping grasshopper going back to kung fu full time, having burnt off all the health and strength I had from before. I had a simplistic life, with its own set of problems, for years in the forest, however it seems exposure to town again for 10 years has all but destroyed me.

    Heading back to the woods, but that is many thousands of dollars and a deep well pump away. I retired to teach here and hoping to get enough work to add to that budget as well.
    We only did almonry clinic and animal sanctuary at Rosewood back then, but I am thinking I am giving my years to getting it fully completed as a non buddhist monastery with a really great kung fu world.

    Meanwhile I simplistically do my exercises and get ready for new students next month (tempus fugit...) and giving more time for MA locals to visit....there is no sort of gym here and ours are the bestest.

    The main blessing is how good it is to be getting back to the life full time, body, mind and spirit. All healing, no poisonous.

    I started with master Don Miller at Independence, MO in 1977. He is the total best and completely magic, but I put it in case any others of us come by. I'd be so honored to say hello.

    My only other thought is to notice during my own journey home, that society seems right at the point for a renaissance of MA and a very nice golden period, where dojos are all over like the 70s and guys are boiling into ' would be a lot of fun again.

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