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    There you go

    Just edit red text part out


    into this


    my biggest question is after I watch the 9th second ... what kind of ring is that ? concrete floor with a vinyl over it ? nylon ropes ? with tires in front of it ? tires aint gonna hold up the ropes ... then later ... where are the audience and hotdog/beer stands ?


    My grandmother always to say this to any wrestling show, "That is full of baloney"

    Watch it again ... what kinds of weak punches are those ... more like RUGBY style trying to grab the hidden football ... These guys must be college rugby players ...


    Oh yeah ! ... I got an idea ... let's patent TFC and then license it out :D

    This is REAL ... http://blackbeltforums.com/threads/russian-fight-in-the-wood.2204/#post-33895
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    I don't think it's fake, just some really terrible lack of technique and skill. There's definitely a few shots where their swinging for the fences and in fairness, there are a few guys who do seem to just turtle up after a couple of hits:rolleyes:

    Your right about the cage / fence...it is a bit of joke, I didn't really notice that before.

    This could be huge in Europe. Market it to rival football clubs supporters, get them to form their own MMA clubs, so as to have it out legally in a controlled environment, filmed for proof of victory and or defeat, etc.
    Call it the 'Supporters Club Cup'
    Have it happen after the match, so as to see who wins the game, doesn't necessarily win the after match:devil:

    " We just won the EUFA Cup!"
    "Yeah....but we just smacked the f#@k outta you afterwards!"

    It would never work of course, there'd be dead bodies on the streets within weeks.

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    I agreed that it is just some really terrible lack of technique and skill.
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    hahahah this is awesome , what a crazy situation
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    I think some guys got a bit too excited after watching Scott Adkins in the new Green Street film and decided to make it a sport. Trust it to be northern europeans.

    From the guys who gave us Knight Club.....
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    Yep that's some crazy shit.
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    The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Multiple opponents beating on one guy when he's on the ground? Not a sport.
  9. Tim G

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    There are new fights. Interesting stuff. Think of it what you may but this has serious commercial potential.

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