Okinawa Life - The Latest Scam

Discussion in 'Healthy Eating & Nutrition' started by SifuPhil, May 14, 2013.

  1. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    The latest scam I've seen going is on TV - Okinawa Life, a diet pill that claims to mimic the dietary values of one of the longest-lived and healthiest populations on Earth.

    So yeah, okay - Okinawans traditionally live long and healthy lives. Statistically, that's true. Their diet consists largely of soy and legumes, sweet potatoes and very little rice or fish, as opposed to the majority of Japanese culture.

    Or, more precisely, their diet USED to consist of that type of food.

    Since the mid- to late-sixties their diet has slowly assumed more of a Western flavor (pun intended) - their fat intake has risen from 10% to 27% on average, and they're eating much more rice and bread in lieu of sweet potatoes.

    So that's half-truth #1.

    #2 is the constituents of the pills themselves. Their version of soy products is soy isoflavone, usually naturally occurring in soy beans, but the origin of these isoflavones is in question, as is their effect on any but an Oriental population.

    Zedoary is an herb that supposedly helps digestion, commonly known as White Tumeric. Although Okinawa Life claims the aid to digestion, no studies that I could find have indicated this property.

    Lastly, Goya, a bitter melon and a chief component of Okinawan fare when mixed with tofu and meat. Okinawa Life calls it the "nutritional king" of Okinawan diets, but unless it is mixed with the tofu and meat its benefits are questionable.

    Of course, you also have other "inert" ingredients - rice syrup, sweet potato powder, corn starch, soybean fiber, tuna fish oil and milk(?). They're inert, all right - and make up probably the majority of each pill, since the Daily Recommended Amounts of the "active" ingredients haven't been established scientifically.

    So once again you're buying a pig in a poke, a supposed nutritional supplement that will allow you to live to over 100 and do jumping jacks all the way. The reality is, I'm quite sure, very far from that.

    Price? After your first free 30-day trial bottle you'll be put on AutoPay for $34.95 a month for a bottle of 150 pills (5 per day). Not the MOST expensive snake-oil I've ever seen but not the cheapest, either.

    Let The Buyer Beware!
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  2. Gone

    Gone Guest

    Not to be rude or anything but exactly what part of this is meant to be important or news?
  3. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    Not to be rude in return, but I don't see many other people posting anything of earth-shattering interest, especially here in the Nutrition section ...

    How is it important? Well, if you're one of the sheeple that believe everything they hear or see on the telly, then perhaps I just saved you a few dollars. Maybe I convinced just one person to think twice before wasting their money on snake oil. Maybe I'm making commentary on the sad plight of the human species, or trying to shut-down the scammers using my secret identity as SifuPhil.

    Or maybe I'm just bored. :bored:
  4. Gone

    Gone Guest

    Everyone is coming out with something new and revolutionary almost every day, and every one of them claims they have something special but if you can buy it, it doesn't work. Because if it did, obesity probably wouldn't exist (and neither would an anorexia-like state of being, for that matter). It's just that simple.

    Not one of these things work, nothing. All dietary supplements (and many, many programs, pieces of equipment, and so forth as well) without exception are scam.

    There is only what you know, and what you don't know. There is only what you can/will do, and what you cannot/will not do. There is only what you can afford and what you cannot afford. That is all.
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  5. dmach

    dmach Martial Archivest

    Okinawan Paleo diet in a pill.

    Obviously students of the PT Barnham school of Business... "Theres a sucker born every minute"
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  6. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    Yay! The latest be-healthy-without-exercise pill:rolleyes:

    This needs to be clarified a bit:
    Even a simple daily vitamin is a dietary supplement. Depending on your lifestyle or training, etc. taking an extra dose of certain vitamins and minerals absolutely can be beneficial, ie they work. Other supplements may have greater or lesser effects for each individual but have stood the test of time and scrutiny, such as creatine monohydrate. Now, if what you're saying is that it's a scam if something promises to transform your body into a megaman or woman without actually exercising and monitoring your diet, then I'd agree with you 100%.
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  7. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    Not to mention that the size of meal portions have been proven to effect lifespan. Okinawans on average eat far less than us supersized westerners. Proving less stress on the diagestive system and increasing the productivity of the metabolism. Great post Sifu. Many of us forget that nutrition is an important part of training. Not just what we do during "Ha-Cha" time.
    Granted, I myself am sort of a hypocrit in this area. I've given up fast food and try to watch out for GMOs when I can. But, I love my coffee (in large portions), redmeat (maybe too frequently), and BACON (my sweet sweet kryptonite).
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  8. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    I loves me some coffee too - don't feel too bad. :D

    It's jet-fuel for old farts! :rolleyes:

    I gave up fast food after my kids lost interest in the free toys, roughly 10 years ago, and now my sole indulgence is a couple of pepperoni pizzas once a month.
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  9. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    Supplements by-and-large suck monkey balls.

    About the only supplements that I use and recommend are fish oils (or other EFAs), a good daily multi-Vitamin/mineral complex (largely to fill gaps in your daily nutrition), protein powders (largely because of convenience, but again, not essential), and joint formulas (glucosomine, chondroiten, MSM). Some type of adaptogen might also be useful (things like Siberian Ginseng, for example). I don't use it, but creatine monohydrate is a useful supplement if you don't eat a lot of red meat or fish.

    Basically, if a supplement is pricey, chances are it's garbage. If a supplement makes promises that sound too good to be true, it's garbage.
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  10. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    And now they're claiming that fish oil does some bad things to you and that glucosamine and chondroitin are useless ...

    Everything goes in cycles - what is seen as absolutely necessary today will be vilified tomorrow, only to experience a re-birth a decade later. That's why now I don't sweat the details anymore, because everything seems to have the capacity to either kill me or have absolutely no effect at all.

    Maybe I'll make a pepperoni pizza-extract pill, and market it as being from ancient Russian Sambo training - I bet it would sell millions. :eek:
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  11. Locutus

    Locutus Your fight is futile, my hands are pounding you!

    They say that Dihydrogen Monoxide is dangerous but I simply cannot live without it. All in moderation of course.
  12. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

  13. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    Dihydrogen Monoxide is the leading cause of death for children under 12 according to the world health organization.
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  14. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    Dihydrogen monoxide in its solid state was responsible for thousands of deaths on the Titanic ...
  15. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    Actually, I believe it was a combination of the solid and liquid states that caused the deaths.
  16. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    You're probably right - and I think there was some gaseous DHM in the area as well ...
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  17. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    There sure was some gaseous something under the covers of my bed last night.
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  18. Locutus

    Locutus Your fight is futile, my hands are pounding you!

    I literally LOL'D with that one :D
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  19. Locutus

    Locutus Your fight is futile, my hands are pounding you!

    It's Dutch oven time!
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  20. Gone

    Gone Guest

    So, what did people do to make up for their deficiencies before these things were thought up? I'm talking like, 250+ years ago.

    They ate food. Leaves you feeling more full and satisfied than having a multivitamin tablet, too.
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