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Discussion in 'Healthy Eating & Nutrition' started by SifuPhil, May 14, 2013.

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    Getting all of your vitamins and minerals from food is, of course, ideal. Unfortunately, the realities of modern life, the agriculture which has stripped away many of the nutrients in real food, and far more environmental stresses, means that very few people are getting ideal quantities of vitamins and minerals. No one is saying to take a multi-vitamin instead of food. Instead, it is more like a safety net to make sure you are getting what might be lacking in your diet that you are unaware of.
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    I believe I have read that article somewhere - about the "ideal" way to eat is to eat the same food that originated in the "birthplace" of your respective MA.

    You know.... I think as long as you have carbs, protein, veggies, and lots of water and reduce the "horribles" such as deep fried this and that, you should be fine.

    I simply cannot believe that Goya or whatever that is is somehow more..... nutritious than a normal cucumber or a plate of salad with tomatoes and boiled eggs.

    I have also heard that Okinawan people lived a longer lifespan... although this can be true, I don't think that this is simply due only to the diet. Mixture of pollution or lack thereof, stresses of daily life, daily activities (not just Karate, but how do Okinawan people live, what are their usual occupations?), and many other things contribute to their "supposed" longer life span.... if that is even true.
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    That's exactly true, and a basic principle of nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The idea is that your body is "tuned" to the specific trace elements contained in the local flora and fauna (another way of saying "the Qi is suited to you") and will not function as efficiently if they're missing.

    Goya is nothing more than bitter melon and is used extensively throughout SE Asia. Although there is research that shows many benefits of consuming the melon (everything from weight-loss to cancer elimination) it also has its drawbacks, chief among them the fruit being contraindicated for pregnant women and the seeds for children.
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    Yikes ..... so you can get miscarriage from eating Goya?
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    Yes, it's what they call an abortifacient - it induces abortion. It's also been used as birth control, I suppose by the same mechanisms.
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    I could say the same for the weight loss pill garcenia combogia < I dunno how to spell it but it's garbage anyway so who cares. It's "all the new rage!" and something like 29.99 a bottle. I have tried it and it does work, HOWEVER further self googling research unveils, all it is, is refined tamarind in the capsule. You can buy Tamarind paste at the common grocery store for $3 dollars MAX in the asian isle, or an oriental store. It does the same damn thing the pills do plus more beneficial because you're EATING THE REAL LIVE ACUTAL FRUIT IN ITS ORGANIC FORM... I eat it all the time, go look up tamarind and read about the health benefits. It tastes really sour, but if you like sour candy than it shouldn't be an issue for you. I agree, Its all to get your money. It really is. Do as much research on everything you can. They aren't going to just TELL you. Anything. If there were cures for things, how else would money be made treating?
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    There is no magic pill, just knowledge and work. But people are ever-hopeful!
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    Yet, if I look at pictures of Tamarinds, I'm not sure it is the same thing as Garcinia Cambogia.
    This is Garcinia Cambogia.
    This is Tamarind.
    Maybe it is the same thing, maybe they are related. Interesting.

    Nonetheless, somewhere some time ago, I read up on the Okinawa diet. As far as their diet, I've incorporated eating Miso daily but I doubt if I will get the "Okinawa Lifefood", important is the fermented nature of Soy, hence eating miso. As for those other food items, sweet potato and goya, I will likely skip out on that.

    Tamarind drinks are common in Mexico and in fact, I have seen Tamarind drinks, canned at the Asian stores. I does taste good.

    This is my first post, I had to research the "Okinawa Life Food" as they are calling their product, I just saw a commercial on TV about it and it took me back a bit. Walgreen's and other places are selling the pills.

    I don't know if it is a real "diet pill" say as some things are to reduce appetite like Garcinia Cambogia (by the way, I believe it is called Cambogia as related to "Cambodia"). It sounds like they are selling it as a health benefit pill. Sounds like the same guy selling the pills may have written a book.
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