One of all time favorite JKD instructors

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Bruce, Jul 24, 2012.

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    A lot of BJJ type techniques in there. It's quite obvious though this guy hasn't just learned an arm-bar or Kimura and tried to integrate it into a routine or something.
    I've found one of the things that makes BJJ so effective in the first place is that your natural response to some of the holds, submission attempts, etc just makes the situation worse e.g. in guard, you try to push your self up using your arm - you get caught in a triangle or arm-bar. in a mounted position you try to push somebody off you, again - arm-bar!

    I believe what's known as Kenpo 5.0 has tried to incorporate some of these techniques as well.

    I wonder if when Bruce (Lee) talked about being like a glass of water, he meant the style as much as the practitioner - you know the first 10 or so UFCs were all won by BJJ or Wrestler, simply because other styles at the time did not know how to deal with being on the ground, you look at a UFC fight today however and it will be mostly fought standing up and both fighters are either competent wrestlers or BJJ practitioners, and so the style of fighting has evolved as well.

    Anyway, I've had few pints after training tonight, I am rambling a bit now! lol I seem to be in "what if..." mode :D
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    YEEEEEHAAAAH Bruce these are the exact drills I practice constantly. I love how you flow from one lock into another, if that doesn't work, again flow into another lock!! It is great to see such an amazing guy doing these drills, once again I am sooooo happy you posted this Bruce, oooooft how am I gonna get to sleep now?? Hunners of respects, love, smiles and peace my great martial warrior friend XXxxXX
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    Yeah it's a shame he is no longer with us, Larry was a BL student.
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    LMAO!! Duh I know I am a dumb blonde Bruce but surely even I know that?? Only joking my friend, but yeah it was a shame....I hate death and age why can we not all be immortal?? Oooooft, imagine how kick-ass Bruce Lee would be? I would probably be in jail for stalking Bruce Lee though......I am blabbing I must be getting tired lol......As ever all y love, respects and giggles my martial friend XXxxXXxxXX
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    I met Larry in 1978 in Charlotte,N.C. and knew that he was special! I trained with him in Charlotte and do miss him greatly! Master Fahy
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    I just got some bad news a few minutes ago, a friend a mentor passed away this morning....the great Joe Lewis! Joe was a JKD man also! R.I.P. my friend! Master Fahy

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