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Discussion in 'Grappling Martial Arts' started by CanadianRonin, Feb 6, 2014.

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    So I'll be releasing an online course to some of my students and clients and wanted to get your opinions on the course breakdown. This is one of my favorite subreddits so I look forward to the feedback! Before I could afford to join a school, my training consisted of Karl Gotch and Gracie Jiu jitsu VHS tapes that my friend and I would practice in the basement after school. The videos would be for grappling essentials, taking from catch wrestling, jits and sambo. 20 years later and I have a chance to give back!
    Module 1: Balancing breaking and takedowns
    Module 2: Learning positions and transitions
    Module 3: Sweeps and reversals
    Module 4: Arm locks from various positions
    Module 5: Leg locks
    Module 6: Chokes
    Module 7: Advanced chokes
    Module 8: Advanced traps and set ups
    Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated! This was the order of how I was taught but it's flexible. Thanks!
  3. Kuyaken

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    I'm not one for distant learning courses, but each to their own.

    I'm not too sure if anyone has seen the the picture floating around Facebook with a "YouTube" Blackbelt and a comment on it.

    This is what it reminds me of. For me someone cannot gain a degree level via videos and and internet links
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    Obviously you need at least one training partner for this.
    I would put chokes in before leg locks, as leg locks while brutal in effect, are also more difficult to pull off against a resisting opponent. Where as chokes, for myself at least, have a greater real world application, i.e- I would choke someone in a real fight, but a leg lock is something I would only use in competition, not that they can't, just I wouldn't want to be rolling around on the ground any longer than necessary and a leg lock would leave me less able to return to a standing position quickly.
    I'm generalising of course, not saying that that's gospel, just struggling to find the words to express what I mean exactly, sorry.

    Are you able to expand on each module a little for us, some examples for each?
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    I'm on board with this as well. If it's a primer for those new to grappling or for student review then that's terrific.

    Hopefully you're covering gi and no gi. Also, in the first module grips & grip fighting (gi & no gi) should be included. Grip fighting is an oft times overlooked and underappreciated skill which when done effectively can amplify your inherent skill level in nearly all aspects of grappling both offensively and defensively.
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    I wanna ask.. How exactly are people going to learn bjj online? I mean who would they practice grappling techniques on with no opponent at home? And how are they going to earn their belts?

    Im training on no gi bjj and im new and don't know alot about it but i do know that it required practice. Anyways.. I have a question on a totally different topic. Im looking for a place to get rashguards from. Can anyone suggest me a place to get nogi gear from? Or has anyone tried nogibjjgear website? They have awesome stuff on their website and i wanna know if anyone has tried and if they are good?
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    that's the whole point. Online learning is not applicable to certain areas. You cannot make someone learn this kind of thing online.

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