Pacman V JMM 4

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by TheWhiteTiger, Dec 7, 2012.

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    So, predictions?

    Personally, I like Manny, but then I'm horribly biased. He's pretty much the only boxer I nut-hug to the point of losing objectivity. I do think that after his last year, he's gonna want to come out swinging for victory, and JMM is getting on at 39 (not that he shows it particularly).

    For the record, I actually think Manny would have a much better chance against Floyd than people give him credit for. Mayweather's certainly the greatest defensive fighter of his generation, but I think it's hard to argue that Manny's not the best offensive fighter of his generation. And I think Floyd would have more trouble with Manny's style than vice versa, mostly because Manny's a gifted south paw, and maybe the one offensive fighter active today who might be able to dictate pace against Mayweather (providing he's well trained and in the right frame of mind). He's also fought more and accumulated a couple of losses already. Floyd, I'm sure, is terrified of that zero leaving him at the altar.

    But imaginary super fights aside...

    Although I'd love a knock out, I'm going Pacman by a far more decisive points victory than the last 2 fights.
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    I'm definitely a Pac-man nut-hugger as well. I will be rooting for him and predict a victory. I would like to see a KO, but think it will be a unanimous, 1-sided, decision.
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    I believe that whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you Enkidu.
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    I thought it makes you Kelly Clarkson...

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  5. Akatie Eku Yo!
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    That's what I hate about boxing. I can sit and watch old boxing videos all night on YouTube but I hate this idea that once a boxer has one loss he isn't as great. I've got more respect for fighters that go out there and fight the best regardless of their record. Take Ricky Hatton for example - he wasn't on the same level as Pac or Mayweather but at least he fought them.

    For me, the whole thing highlights how much the promoters dictate who is good and bad in order to sell fights. Take a look at any boxers record on BoxRec and you'll see the first 10-15 fights are against bums.

    I saw someone post an ad for a fight back home and I checked out the card on BoxRec. One of the fighters first fights was against a guy with a record of 1-18 and another with 1-6. I know that boxers need to get experience and come up the ranks though it just illustrates that padded records mean nothing.

    Obviously I'm not suggesting Mayweather has a padded record though he's certainly been less than enthusiastic about fighting pacman. A true champion would have made that fight happen no matter what. No contract disputes, no drug accusations - they would have told their manager to arrange the fight.
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    Does that mean
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