Pepper Spray: Yea or Nay?

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by SifuPhil, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Sensei Martin

    Sensei Martin Warrior Monk

    I met this guy, Troy Hurtubise, years ago in Ontario, as he lived in the same town as I did at the time, and there was only one real bar where everyone went to. He was trained in TKD and he had developed a Bear Proof suit ... I saw a documentary years later called `The Grizzly Project`` where he actually took on a Grizzly

    (movie trailer .. )

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  2. Scott3963

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    Funny enough but CS gas doesn't work on dogs we use them and it doesn't effect them in any way. Also use when you have a cold or Sinus is blocked it clears the nasal passage very quickly.
  3. Sensei Martin

    Sensei Martin Warrior Monk

    Opening an umbrella at an oncoming dog freaks the hell out of them, although I`ve never had an issue with dogs ... it`s always those little yappers that I find amusing. CS gas for nasal issues ... wouldn`t that be like pouring hot sauce down your nose?
  4. nogibjjgear

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    I have never carried spray with me and nobody every used it on me but i guess it's good for self defense if you don't have the training. I was thinking of getting one for myself but i have started training in NOGI now. :ninja::chicken:

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