Publicly Recognising Martial Arts Achievements.

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  1. dmach

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    Wanted to get some other insights and thoughts on this particular topic.

    As most of you may (or may not) be aware I work at a High School and every couple of weeks, we hold whole school assemblies. Without fail, students are celebrated for their sporting achievements - Rugby League, Netball, Basketball, even archers and Ping Pong has gotten a mention.

    Now what I have not long discovered is that there seems to be an "underground" Martial Arts Community at the school, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, MMA, BJJ - you name it, there will be one or more practioners of each among the student populace, but they tend to keep a low profile.

    My old Kung Fu Sifu's daughter used to attend the same school. I know she was heavy into competition and had a great deal of success (achieving a National Top 10 Ranking with National All-Styles), but the school community was none the wiser. This was mainly due to the fact that she kept these achievements to herself.

    Now this is where I find myself torn. On the one hand, Part of what we practice is Humility and I applaud that in anybody, but the way I see it, one can be Humble despite Fame and Notoriety, not from the lack of it. On the other hand, if you work hard and achieve success, your efforts SHOULD be recognised.

    I know there is also the arguement that the last thing a successful fighter needs is the kind of notoriety that comes from any knucklehead thinking he can take you, but on the other hand, the more "Press" we can give the Martial Arts, the more understanding the public has, the better for everyone.

    What are your thoughts? Should a Successful Martial Artist keep a low profile, or should they be encouraged to stand and be recognised for their acheivements?
  3. Sneaker

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    If this successful martial artist maintains a very high profile ... Congratulations, this artist just becoming a moving target and probably never have the peace (stress-free) moments.

    There are ALOT of extreme successful martial artist around the world, but we just don't know where they are at or already in the grave as a recognized legend.

    This is a bigger question than being recognized :
    Can you handle the stress while never lower your standards and never ever settle for less than your worth whether you are high profile or not ?

    High profile can draws business/showcase to make money but just ... just don't make a fool out of it.
  4. Sabomnim Dan

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    Martial arts is one of those peculiarities of life.

    When I'm introduced to someone new, everyone always adds 'he's a cop', there aren't many other professions where that happens. In the same way when someone finds out you play football they rarely ask to see if they can kick/throw a ball further than you, but when they find out you study martial arts they seem to always want you to 'show them some moves'.
    In high school in particular (at least as I remember it) there are always that minority that will want to take this phenomenon to the next level and start a fight. Perhaps it's the raging hormones, perhaps it's that stage of psychological self-definement where adolescents (males usually) try to assert themselves on the world in a mixed up way of proving their ability as an adult, I don't know. What I do know is when my high school found out (someone let slip I'd won a trophy) I was pretty much on high alert for months waiting for the next knucklehead to 'jump me' just 'to see what I would do'. It became a very difficult test of patience and humility and only really ended when someone took it too far and ended on their ass; something that if not for my academic record and reputation for being mild mannered would have lead to more dire consequences for me.

    In the right environment, I applaud the notion of recognising martial arts achievements along with other examples of sporting prowess but I expect the best judge of that environment will be the student being recognised. I would be asking them for their thoughts on 'outing' them and perhaps preemptively discussing strategies for dealing with any unwanted attention it might bring.
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  5. DeeD

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    Well when I was in school we had 2 individuals that did extremely well in national competition etc and they were congratulated in assembly when they did something well, same thing for the guys that competed in outside of school sports etc so I dont see the harm, What i observed was that most guys actually just left him alone because they figured he wasnt a soft target, would embarrass them if they did fight
  6. Sneaker

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    it is alright to be recognized just don't boasting about it, otherwise you are asking for trouble :)
  7. Dave76

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    It's high school, if the kids really that into it, then everyone will already know, it's high school:rolleyes:.
    If they deserve recognition then give it I say. Don't live your life worrying about the what if's of other peoples behaviour.
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  8. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    I won a lot in tournaments in my teen time on tae kwon do and bunch of teens in high school wants to fight me ... I kinda cooperate with them to see what is the purpose to fight me ... lots didn't want to fight me but few did fight me ... sorry I ended it quickly, once they started ... then no one wants to bothering me since high school :) ... I LOVE IT ... I am not here for trouble but someone are asking for trouble if someone kept messing with me without any successful cooperation

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