Quickest method to avoid straight attack and immobilize an opponent

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussions' started by AlpineMA, May 14, 2018.

  1. AlpineMA

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    Does anyone have any thoughts on finding the best method to avoid an incoming strike and immobilize the opponent without causing any damage to the opponent, but also restricting there movement?

    Secondly also looking for the best method to avoid incoming strikes and immobilize the opponent with a strike that shocks the opponent but causing little damage, but to then be followed by immobilization?

    Any suggestions much appreciated
  3. dvcochran

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    Surprisingly, one of the easiest ways to avoid or cancel a straight attack is to step forward, nullifying the offensive motion. This of course restricts their movement. The counter movement choices are many but to immobilize without injury I would think about the pressure points, particularly around the head/neck since you will be in very close range.
  4. Vidadi

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    Here is my video, where you may find some idea how softly redirect straight attack as pushes, punch, front choke, front bear hugs and others

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