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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by safemate, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Dave76

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    That's what you do in Mexico, when someone breaks into your house;)
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  2. The10man

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    I regularly practice with Sai and actually have decided to stop using a Bo in tournaments and switch to Sai because of the lack of variety of weapons. In my division there was only one non-bo weapon kata (cane) at a tournament on Saturday.

    The best argument I ever heard for weapon training was that even though you would not use them in modern combat you may find that the makeshift weapon you find to use is weighted similar to a weapon and that training would come in handy. This is easy to see with a Bo (Mop handle, broom, shovel, etc etc) not so much with some others (nunchaku/sai).
  3. Eric Dufurrena

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    Honestly, training with weapons can be very fun. I think a lot of people kind of like that. You should try fun some time, it might put you in a better mood. :p
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  4. Vldz

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    Couldn't wait for the Nuclear bomb Kata.
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  5. RJ Clark

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    Red, are you fishing for a heated response? haha!
    The sai as a specific weapon can be seen as archaic and/or exotic, but the techniques utilized can cross-over into baton use, such as ASP batons. As well as be supplemented by FMA techniques and tactics to expand on a general useful weapon skill set. They even have expanding batons with hand guards that aren't too dissimilar to a sai. So there's no real comparison with heavy two-handed weapons such as a battle axe or crew served medieval artillery like a catapult.;)
    A short list of useful (ie you might actually use them or have someone attempt to use them on you) modern weapons training would have knife, stick/baton, and firearms. With the sai falling under baton training.

    That being said there are many of us who have FMA backgrounds (myself included) who can trade training and technique ideas and there are TMA guys and gals who actually train or have trained sai here as well. So fire off questions, advice or whatever you like safemate.
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  6. Kevin Hall

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    Interesting book by Ryusho Sakagami - Nunchaku and Sai: Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts Studied it for quite a while back in the day and learned the Kata. Sort of fun as a sideline.
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  7. Ed James

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    I've been training with a fake wooden sai for quite some time and now decided to start with a real one, of course with the approval of my master. Thinking of getting a Chrome Sai from Hatashita, of 18" size, any suggestion on the metal or type of Sai?
  8. Scorpion Ninja

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    I'm thinking of getting rubber Sai from Bushido Martial Arts & Fight Gear Supply.
  9. Eric Dufurrena

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    I see no reason to not just use real sai, they are not sharp nor pointy.
  10. swordsoftheeast

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    This is a really cool post!

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