Sauna or Not?

Discussion in 'Healthy Eating & Nutrition' started by shinpatan, Jan 28, 2013.

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    As to supplement use and things like creatine and so on.......ill feel ya in on a secret thatll save you time and money.....alright so you got your workout schedule and now you want to get a little push well heres my list...1) get a multivitamin, 2) double up on vtamin b12so youre be buying a vitamin b12 supp on top of your multi vitamin.......this is your energy boost dont worry you cant od on this, on top of this you can double up on vitamin e to keep your cardiovascular system healthy...vitamin thins your blood and prevents blood frôm clamping so faster oxygen delivery to your heart. Now all you need is a good protein supplement and you are set. trust me i used this method as a beginner powerlifter and it works if youre dedicated. i achieved a 565 dead lift and had a 455 back squat time motivation and intensity.......get some!!! dont forget to eat eat eat! lol
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    The SL5x5 Program is a fine program, as is the Starting Strength program (as a matter of fact, the SL5x5 program is a copy of the SS program using 5 sets of 5 instead of 3 sets of 5 -- not that it matters, since both are ultimately based on Bill Starr's old programs). Really any program that is based around the squat, deadlift, bench, press, pull-up, clean, and row cannot be too far off the mark.

    Creatine monohydrate is a naturally occurring compound that is found in large quantities in red meat and fish. If you aren't getting optimal levels in your diet, adding CM can make up for the difference. Some people who are seriously deficient in CM in their diets will gain as much as 5 lbs. Those (like me) who have a lot of fish and red meat get nothing out of CM supplementation because your body just excretes the excess. I am not a big supplement guy (about all I use are fish oil capsules and a good quality multivitamin) but CM is the single most studied supplement ever and it is perfectly safe and effective for those who have a CM deficiency in their diet (which is a lot of people).

    The sauna (both wet and dry) can be a very good form of active recovery following training. Among other good forms of active recovery are (but not limited to): massage, ice baths, contrast showers, Epsom salt baths, PNF stretching. Saunas can also be used to lose water weight in order to make weight for competition. It is best to have a few practice runs at it to learn how your body responds and to learn how to rehydrate properly and quickly.
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    damn dude, that would snap my spine
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    Nice numbers.

    What body weight did you compete at?

    I competed at 165 lbs/75 kg. (APF and IPA)
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    thanks. i was 245 lbs back then. lots of work.
  6. Mikey

    Mikey Grasshoppa

    you know i thought the same thing and i damn sure felt like it after the lift cause i was done for the rest of the day. lol
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    I competed at 165 and 181

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