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Discussion in 'Taekwondo' started by Pedro, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

    Hellow, fellow warriors

    I've been meaning to get into some Taekwondo competitions, like I did last year, but I'm very busy wth the many things that i'm am doing right now (like, college, teaching, my band...) and I just have my two days/week class time to train because the classes are only on weekdays.

    And, my master's mom is really sick, so he doesn't have much time to spend with my extra competition trainings.

    So he gave me the idea of borrowing some of those target pads from the gym and calling a friend to train with me on weekends or whenever, by ourselves.
    The thing is that he's always telling students not to train outside of the gym by themselves, at least until we are blackbelts and fully responsible of ourselves. This suggestion made my kinda happy to know that he, in a way trusts me...

    But, he didn't tell me what to do while training...

    I kinda know what I need to improve, that would be my footwork, my movimentation on the fight, with fakes, dodging, stance changing...
    And also, my speed, reflex and explosiveness

    anyway, I wanted to ask if you guys have any tips for that, mostly on the physical conditioning
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  3. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    @2:48 ... :ROFLMAO:

  4. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    If this is a combo of footwork & movement as well as motivation, then you sir have created the greatest word EVER!!;)
    Although this grates on my nerves a bit and has me in WTF? mindset... Anyway, moving on
    Sparring for this, not pad work.
    Heavybag work as well as powerlifting (flat bench, squat, deadlift), Olympic-type lifts & variations (clean & jerk, power cleans, etc), Strongman-type lifts, and plymetrics will build the explosive strength and will add to speed as you're using fast twitch muscle fibers (mostly) to complete these types of compound movements. And don't worry, you're not going to start them and wake up the next day 100 lbs heavier and supposedly "musclebound":LOL: (I have to laugh at this "reason" why people don't do this type of intense lifting, but they'll hang out in the gym like it's social hour, peripherally eyeballing the girls and putting their workout on hold to have multiple conversations even tho it's a half-assed "bodybuilding" workout anyway...)

    TKD comps are basically all kicking (from what I've seen), and I have a fun reflex game for you to improve that. It's basically dodgeball inside a gym, but you utilize a kick to "cancel out" a ball throw and if you can't get a kick up in time (instinct/reflex action here) you move your body out of the way while keeping the hands up to block (in case you can't get out of the way fast enough). Ideally this is done on an indoor basketball court or even better a raquetball court (the enclosure allows good continuity) with a rack of 10+ basketballs. Your partner starts at the rack and machinegun-throws them at you and then he'll grab them as he can and pursue you a bit for a throw (while maintaining a short distance from you so you can have a chance/choice to kick the ball or dodge/block). Not only is this effing fun, but it gets you kicking moving targets at various speeds and angles and can enable you to rifle in kicks during a comp that your opponent might not be ready for. Odd angles of attack he probably is not used to initiated from nearly any position, not just the "fighting stance". Good luck and have fun while training hard!(y)
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  5. Void_Karateka

    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    Can't really say much than RJ's response (including movimentation! Awesome word, we need to get it into the dictionary).

    The TKD comps I've seen have mostly been kicking comps too (from what I saw at the Olympics it was a hop on one leg a lot and kick comp).

    Weights and heavy bag are what I use for my explosive power training and endurance work. I find a heavy bag especially good for kicking, especially lately when I've introduced practicing ushiro geri (back kick) and yoko geri (side thrust kick). I hadn't realised the difference between practicing these in line and on shields held by a partner to a big heavy object that just doesn't like to move, may already be moving and is prone to spin round if I hit off target.

    Sprints are a fantastic for building fast twitch fibre. If you have a local football (soccer) pitch. Use that as a guide for distance. One practice I go for is I do 5 sprints with 30 second breaks between each one and then have a 3 minute break after the last sprint and do it again before moving onto pullups/muscle ups and cat crawls on the actual goalposts. It used to be one of my main conditioning exercises when I was heavily into my parkour and was at my local park.

    The ball game sounds fun too. We used to have a team war at my dojo using foam missiles. That was ace for reflexes and foot work. It was like dodgeball, if you got hit you were out. You could catch the missiles (but unlike dodgeball the enemy team member wouldn't be out), hit them back using punches and kicks and even block or deflect the missiles using basics (so basically it was a case of don't get hit in the body and head mainly). I might try that ball one with a mate one of the days though.
    I also can't see anything other than sparring for this. Do you have anyone from your club who you could get to spar with you? Ideally you're gonna be needing someone working to your rulesets.

    Good luck mate, hope all goes well and hope you smash the competition!
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  6. Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Warrior Monk

    For what it's worth. When I did competition, I loved using a swimming pool. I would stand in the shallow end (water at about shoulder height) and go through my free style routines. I would also stand in a horse and do my upper core basics. Doing kicks, blocks, strikes , parries etc in water provides absolute equal resistance around your entire body. It worked wonders for me. I soon had my sparring students in the same routine.
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  7. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

  8. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

    found this today, seems to be pretty good
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  9. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    You can enter it ...

    Mine was TDoG : Team Death or Glory
  10. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    I did that before, it works really well ... speaking of swimming pool ... I did the kata & technique underwater except my head ... I had a weight vest on me to keep me in the water ... Kicking is the fun part, losing balance a lot because of the weight vest ... LOL.
  11. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    for example :

    left square bracket is this [
    forward slash is this / ... not this \
    right square bracket is this ]

    left square bracket, type quote, right square bracket

    That is the beginning quote but it needs a ending quote

    left square bracket, forward slash, type quote, right square bracket

    That is the end

    you can speak what you want without the
    but if you quoting someone use the quote coding with their words in between each
    or you can highlight the words then click on symbol " at the toolbar above this writing box ... yes ...
    That is good workout video you found ...

    ... try this one
  12. Anybody

    Anybody Initiate

    I'm an wtf TKD guy. I'm with RJ on the weight training. Great advice imho. I train at home and use a heavy bag, and recommend it. I use a 100 lbs bag, and would not recommend anything less on weight. I think the important thing on bag training is not to just only throw static strikes at it. Use your footwork in the bag training. Examples would be to start far away from the bag and work on closing distance before striking or get right up to it to work on jumping away and striking. Good luck. I think you can learn a lot training on your own in part. I hope it works out well for you.
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  13. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    I think if you are going to be doing a lot of your own training to get ready to compete I would suggest actually sparring with your friend , so as an example get your friend to hold a kicking shield say your round is 2 min for arguments sake make your round 3 Minutes , make a designated area similar size to your ring/mat and let him push at you with the shield so that you need to work on your footwork and distance to put yourself in range without constantly going out of the area, do this for a few rounds to simulate your style of competition but always set the time for higher than u actually need too so that when you do compete if you can control your adrenaline the rounds will feel shorter because you have trained for longer which from a mental perspective will help you to be even more confident.

    Then work on sparring drills get your partner to simulate an aggressive opponent as well as a counter striker even better if you can find real people that fit into these styles naturally and work on timing and distance, so obviously technique is important but thats why you practise and go to class, the stuff you doing for competition should be distance,timing and footwork with real people to simulate the environment you will compete in.

    good luck bud(y)
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  14. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

  15. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

  16. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    great suggestion! Also the partner has the dual role of keeping you motivated and maintaining a high
    level of intensity, in other words he doesn't let you "pace yourself" for a longer round.
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  17. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

  18. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

    Actually english variation of movement as a substantive, that was the only link I found with examples of the use of this word in english ;)

    It'll actually work pretty well for both of us, because he just started working and can't make it to any classes anymore, so he'll indeed keep me motivated, and I'll try to teach him what he's been missing.
    We would start today, but it's raining... and I got a serious hangover :oops:
    next week we start

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