Should You Exercise Every Day? The Advantages and Drawbacks of Daily Exercise

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    We're always advised to emphasize physical fitness, but how often should we actually work out? If you've developed a practice of working out at home or going for a run seven days a week, you may be wondering: Is it possible to overwork yourself, or is it okay to exercise every day?

    First and foremost, we all have days when sleep, plans with friends, or a general lack of enthusiasm appear to take precedence, and that's perfectly OK. Here's what personal trainers have to say about the advantages and disadvantages of working out every day.

    It promotes healthy movement
    Have you ever noticed that when you don't exercise for a time, your joints become stiffer and you get out of breath more easily? This is frequently defined as being "out of shape," yet it might just be a lack of practice.

    When you exercise (aka move) every day, you maintain your body effective for movement. "Kind of like the old adage, if you don't utilize it, you lose it," says NASM-certified personal trainer Jason Williams, NASM-CPT, to mbg.

    It increases fascia elasticity

    Fascia is a type of connective tissue that serves several functions in the body, including supporting, stabilizing, and protecting your bones and muscles.

    "What science is beginning to recognize is that if you sit for long periods of time, fascia loses its supportive, elastic qualities, and muscles can become neurologically inhibited so they don't contract or release when they need to," exercise physiologist Sue Hitzmann, M.S., CST, NMT previously told mbg.

    Working out every day, even if it's only a brief fascia workout or a 10-minute joint stretch, can help enhance fascia flexibility, according to Williams.

    It offers heart-healthy properties
    Exercise on a regular basis improves cardiovascular health by decreasing blood pressure, enhancing insulin sensitivity, and promoting a healthy plasma lipoprotein profile.

    In fact, the European Society of Cardiology recommends that persons with heart disease participate in moderate exercise every day—activity that raises the heart rate by 50 to 60%. This category includes activities such as brisk walking, dancing, swimming, and gardening.
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    If time and opportunity permits, then it is worth to exercise every day. You can alternate between different types of physical activity, which will only improve the condition of the body. For example, you can do cardio three times a week - run, ride a bike, it is really great; then strength training or martial arts training. Movement is life and health!

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