SifuPhil's MASDART(tm) - Part 2 (Martial Artist's Self-Defense Adrenal Response Training)

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    SifuPhil's Proposed FATS / RMCAT Merger: MASDART(tm) (Martial Artist's Self-Defense Adrenal Response Training) – Brochure

    The Objective

    In this course you will both experience and overcome the number-one problem in real world self- defense. It's not about “physical techniques” at all. The number-one problem faced by either trained or untrained people in an actual self-defense situation is the “adrenal rush.”

    The fact is, trained or untrained, when it comes to a real-world self-defense situation if you are not accustomed to the adrenal stress dump, or if you have never trained under that adrenal state, then even years of martial arts training may not help you. Indeed, that training may not even be available to you in a true crisis because of the disorientation and loss of motor skills and judgment that are so often caused by that previously-inexperienced “adrenal dump”. This is precisely why the main problem in actual self-defense is dealing with the adrenaline factor. This course will demonstrate that fact to you, painfully at times, but beyond any question whatsoever. But the course will also show you that you were born with the natural ability to overcome and even utilize the power of that adrenal rush to overcome your enemy.

    We have all heard the stories of people doing seemingly impossible physical feats of speed or strength under adrenal stress, familiar examples being the parent who somehow manages to lift a small car off their child after an accident, or perhaps the soldier in combat who somehow manages to drag a comrade to safety despite his own horrific wounds such as the loss of limbs or even injuries that prove fatal moments after he gets his comrade to safety. The martial arts are rich with such tales as well. Ancient martial masters are often reported to have overcome what seemed impossible odds and numbers.

    These things can be seen as “mystical” and perhaps they are, in a certain sense, but I have habitually seen that everyone has the ability to tap into this inner, personal power. It is just that they have not had the circumstances that elicit and demand an expression of that inner power. Ironically, modern life tends to distance us from this power, too … and also from a very important part of our own being.

    The Method

    The logic is simple: to get used to something you first have to experience it. The method is to place you into a scenario so real that your body does not know the difference. When you face the armored assailant for that first scenario your heart rate will increase and you may experience “auditory exclusion”, and most likely a profound loss of fine motor control. This may seem challenging for you to believe at first, but the following is a typical report from class graduates:

    I heard the attacker screaming loud, and then when it was my turn to step out on the mat … suddenly I couldn’t hear any of that, and my heart was beating a mile a minute. I also think I soiled myself. ”

    But with each scenario you will regain more control of your body and your mind. You will strike and throw with full-force to the head and groin of a living, moving assailant. Later, if it comes to a real attack in the street or your home you won’t have to “do it right the first time”. Your body will have already have been there and you will thus respond appropriately and effectively.

    If you are truly serious about real self-defense training with the maximum potential to keep you safe and alive, and to allow you to protect your loved ones, then we believe your only real choice is SifuPhil's MASDART(tm) scenario-based adrenaline stress training.


    A true self-defense course must:
    • Teach the mind and modus operandi of the human predators and thus how to avoid them in the first place.
    • Train people and have them practice in realistic adrenal stress scenarios the de-escalation of hostile and potentially aggressive people and thus avoid violence in the first place.
    • Allow absolute full-contact in the fight scenarios both the to the head and groin, the principle targets in self-defense situation, and that the armored assailant must truly press the student at their individual threshold. The armored assailant must put up a fight in order for the student to learn to deal with real fight.
    MASDART(tm) is the first to offer a comprehensive, short-term self-defense training course that address all three of these crucial elements, while making use of modern simulation and measurement technology to both enhance and quantify the experience. We offer state-of-the-art computerized scenarios that are seamlessly mated with role-playing assailants. The available scenarios at the present time are:
    • The Dew Drop Inn (old man bar)
    • The Boobie Bungalow (strip club)
    • Lil' Rollas (gangsta bar / bowling alley)
    • Camelot (home invasion)
    • Folly Alley (dark alley)
    Each scenario is as authentic as technologically possible, and we are constantly adding updates such as the OdorWIFF(tm) (dispenses typical olfactory clues), NOIZE(tm) (background sounds) and crowd simulations using computer-generated characters, live-action role-players and several advanced models of the Love Doll. The student will be wearing wireless monitors for heart rate, pulse, temperature, perspiration levels and eye-movement recording. Pressure sensors (strain gauges) are implanted in all role-players and Love Dolls to measure force of impact, while CG characters are calibrated to react in a realistic manner to both verbal and physical defenses. All student's actions in the simulator are digitally video-taped to allow post-action analysis.

    The fact is that most people’s problems in a true self-defense situation, from de-escalation and conflict avoidance to the actual physical fight, are mainly psychological and not a lack of “technique skills.”

    The MASDART(tm) course is an effective tool in “getting your mind right” about the use of violence when it is justified and there is no reasonable alternative. This is critical in actual self-defense because hesitation is the greatest enemy.

    It would be no real psychological challenge to step into a prize ring or square off with another protected opponent. After all you know why you are there, you have chosen to be there, and you are mentally ready for a sparring match.

    But it is the exact opposite in the real world with an actual aggressor: he chooses the time and the place and his mind is already prepared to inflict violence upon you.

    Your biggest problem is to immediately “mentally catch up” so that you do not hesitate or go into denial under his threats or his physical attack. The MASDART(tm) dynamic accelerates your confidence in making that mental transition. You have the total support and energy of the entire MASDART(tm) staff.

    Through the scenario based, adrenal-stress-driven MASDART(tm) training methodology, the bulk of any person's comprehensive self-defense ability can be actualized in a very short period of time. Traditional martial arts training just cannot achieve this.

    Above all you must realize a real fight is not a game or contest. A real fight is a terribly brutal, violent affair that is spiritually degrading afterward, and one which unleashes primordial homicidal tendencies. Any real fight between adults always has the potential for homicide. That is just a stone- cold fact.

    Real world self-defense, even as far as the physical “skill set” that is demanded, is actually much simpler than any “ring contest” or even what one might derive from martial arts study.

    The key and very first elements of self-defense instruction must include avoidance and “de-escalation of conflict” skills. True self-defense training means developing a good understanding of how human predators think and how and why they choose their victims. It is not all about “moves” or techniques.

    Most of all, true self-defense training must provide a simulation that elicits the adrenal response in the student so they can then learn to think and act correctly under the pressure of the “interview” and the verbal abuse and challenges of a human predator.

    This demands scenario-based training, but scenario-based training is unknown to most martial arts school instructors even though it has absolutely proven itself to be the best methodology for teaching self-defense. The martial arts student most often does not even realize that the adrenal rush is the real problem in an actual self-defense encounter. He is taught nothing about de-escalation.

    Neither has he been taught or learned how to handle that adrenal response by experiencing it. Yet, their ability to manage the adrenal flow is what allows someone to employ de-escalation skills and avoid it going to a physical fight.

    SifuPhil's MASDART(tm) will change all that – it is truly the martial art training methodology of the future!

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    I was getting irritated with some things here and once again you crack me up
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    I exist to serve, m'Lord. [​IMG]
  4. Charlay Atkins

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    I actually found this quite interesting, so thanks for posting both parts.
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  5. SifuPhil

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    You're very welcome!
  6. Charlay Atkins

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    Seriously it is a good point that you made about the adrenal dump and how to train to cope with it. This is something beginners really need to learn as all the training in the world is not going to help if you can't cope with that mental and physical side of combat (not saying for all beginners this is in general terms I know we are not all the same).
  7. this sort of thing interests me, the real life type scenario's.... i liked that old film with yul brynner...what was it called westworld, with robotic "baddies". but i like very much this thread phil, pity i haven't got a holo-deck.....a hollow head yes!
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  8. Charlay Atkins

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    In relation to this post, I was wondering what other peoples response/responses are to dealing with the adrenal dump. How did you overcome it or control it. What was or is your state of mind when this happens. Not interested in what caused that state or what happened afterwards. Just curious to know if you have a particular method of dealing, I am also including in this before any of us trained to deal with it.

    I would seriously love to hear other peoples views on this as we are all different and our defence mechanism works differently for each of us.
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  9. Judah

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    Competition helped me learn to deal with adrenaline and working as a doorman in some rather crappy clubs helped too. ;)

    Learning to recognise the symptoms of adrenaline and understand that it's working for you are a big part. For me it can feel like anger or fear, when angry I try not to let it control me as that's often when I make stupid mistakes, when afraid I have to tell myself I'm stronger because of it. It's something I've found to be ongoing, sure after a while you get better at recognising and dealing with it but only if you're constantly getting into situations that cause it.
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  10. Void_Karateka

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    Ironically there is a Dew Drop Inn near me and it's a proper rough pub lol.
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  11. Charlay Atkins

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    Initially when the adrenal dump happened to me, I felt like a rabbit caught in between the headlights of an oncoming car.:oops:
    I froze, I was not equipped to cope with this type of anxiety/stress pretty much like a lot of us on here. To be honest it scared the crap out of me. The more I trained in my chosen art helped, as like most of us it builds confidence. But this still did not give me what I needed to overcome the adrenaline overload that I was experiencing. My hands would shake, my knees were knocking together like I was old and frail :p (I'm older now but not quite at the frail bit yet) and my brain just went to mush. My breathing also became irregular which for me was a big problem.

    The first thing that I needed to do was get my breathing under control, so I started meditation (focus training if you like ) to learn to adapt to control my breathing, this helped me to control the adrenal dump, it allowed me to focus my mind more clearly. I am not saying that because of this method it turned me into an ultimate fighting machine, but what it did do was allow me to improve on my skills more importantly it allowed me to react instead of just standing there like a complete moron.:D

    This is how I learned to cope with the adrenal dump, still feel like crap after each time it happens but at least I am more comfortable with it than I used to be.;)
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