Silly beginners questions

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  1. I dont get students that ask these two questions, they are usually random people i meet up with. the "Kill me like right now" one , i had this dude ask me this in the local pub, i didnt say any thing , i just picked up a pudding spoon and came at him. within a flash he had his hands up saying "What are ya doing mate?" , "im gona kill ya with my spoon" he said, " Na i ment with ya martial arts", i said "yeah but it would be all over in seconds , i like to enjoy my killing", he had this strange look on his face, like he wasnt sure if i was joking or deadly serious. after a few minutes i bought him a beer and he never asked me any more stupid questions.

    my quick responce to the "what if somebody shoots you ?" would be " then i would be dead then, no worries any more"
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