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    No... I simply see it as the integration of the movements of Tai Chi where they have stripped away the belief in "channeled Chi" (and put in what they believe).
    So, if I am understanding you correctly... you are saying Tai Chi has no benefits, and is nothing without Chi.
    Not understanding how they "usurp" anything if by your logic, they have nothing in the end.

    I could care less about thier motive for profit; that doesn't (necessarily) mean they are trying to scam... if they believe there is benefit in what they offer (again, whether that is ture or not).

    Again, regardless of the fact that this group seems "goofy" to me personnally. :D
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  3. SifuPhil

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    I see it as them having stripped away far, far more than just qi. As I said, philosophical principles that are essential to the understanding and efficiency of Taijiquan have been thrown away because rather than stepping outside of themselves and making an attempt to understand them, they chose to blindly hack and slash to make Taijiquan fit into what they think it should be.

    I think you've misunderstood me. ;)

    When a thief steals your computer from your living room, then gets arrested and you finally get the computer back from the police, that doesn't eliminate the fact that a crime was indeed committed, and that the thief should pay a penalty.

    It's the act I object to - the end result I just laugh at.

    That's true - I shouldn't have included that as a point of contention. Thank you.

    They're doing what they believe is "right", and to them it is. I can't fault them for that. Again, it's perception. I just object to their theft of culture - it's like when the late-nineteenth century "explorers" (aka "Archeologists") raided the Egyptian tombs and temples, took the treasures and, if they didn't pocket them, placed them in a stale museum in a different country. Those artifacts should have remained where they were, or at worst in an Egyptian museum.

    But it's that same sense of entitlement, of knowing what is good for others ("White man's burden") and acting to make it so, often through destructive means, that really irks me. THAT'S what I see when I look at SlowFlo.
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    Again, I am not saying "SLOW flo Joe" isn't garbage. But I find it interesting :( that the stream of discussion has been used to start bashing Christians.[/quote]

    Forgive me if you took it personaly in any way my post was about my personal exspirances I have meet to few good chirstians I live in logan Utha where if you don't belong to a certain religion your not whorth talking to I have been called scum and that peole like me should be let out past 5:30 by people wearing a cross and CRT rings alike. I'm not saying that all chirtians are like this I know there good ones out there who follow there religion well and are accpeting of others I just havnt meet very meny of them
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    OK, I think I understand how you feel about this now... and am clearly linking the Monty Python skit of being attacked with fruit to this thread (mentally).
    If there is one word on how you feel, would it be "bastardization"? I used a "z" for you UK folks. :)
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    Althought the base movements of Taichi have benefits. Its the understanding of chi and one's connection to nature. When a christian wants to market Taichi as a christian based art. They are in effect eliminating everything that taichi stands for. Christians believe the nature is here for us (LMAO!). They believ that "faith" solves all problems and that their own choices are really the work of their sky-god. They view chi manipulation (i.e.- quantum influence over one's environment by directing the flow and placement of particles) as Black Magic. This type of view leads to witch trials. Christians deny nature and their free-will. The same free will that they preach their sky-god gifted them. Yet the benefits of their own choices they credit to their deity. Alot oxymoronic if you ask me. To promote the polar opposite of the founding philosophies. Doesn't make it TaiChi. It becomes something else.

    Loved the pic with Chuck. I like Chuck. He's a good guy. Albeit brainwashed into his tribal deity worship.
    Also-Most people forget that Chuck failed his first blackbelt exam in Korea.
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    Except it isn't the movements of Tai Chi. It's movements she made up that have nothing whatsoever to do with Tai Chi. And doing it slowly doesn't make it Tai Chi.

    The body structure is often wrong. The movement mechanics are often wrong. Where is the expression of yin and yang (or negative and positive, if yin and yang are too "non-Christian" for their sensibilities)? The postures themselves have apparently all been eliminated. Gone are the joint breaks, gone are the throws, and in their place, ASL praise.

    It isn't Tai Chi.

    One could argue "of course it's not Tai Chi, it's SlowFlo," but there's a lot more to Tai Chi than just moving slowly (and thats without even taking something like Chen Tai Chi's Cannon Fist into consideration).

    Looking at it from a different perspective, if she performed the form faster, would it be Tang Soo Do (her core style)? I think she knows the answer to that question.
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    Don't even go there. :banghead:
  9. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Could we ask Kevin for a SlowFlo category added to the Hybrid Martial arts category?
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    It's not even a martial art; the martial elements have been stripped out and replaced with ASL praise. At best, it's a gentle exercise for peaceful contemplation and worship. Which is fine for what it is-- why not, if that's what their goal is?

    And in that regards, it fits in with the long-term devolution of a once-formidable martial art (Yang Luchan was known as "Yang the Invincible") into a gentle form of exercise. If one sees Tai Chi as the end product of that devolution (a devolution that began when Yang Luchan began teaching a watered-down form of Tai Chi to the Imperial Court, and continued with his grandson who watered the martial aspects of the art down further, to make it easier for the public to learn), then SlowFlo is, in its own perverse way, in keeping with that tradition.

    But some would argue that Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art, deeply rooted in and related to Taoist belief, with the side benefit of improving one's health. From that perspective, gentle exercise stripped of all martial and Taoist context is not "Tai Chi."
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