Steven Seagal doesn’t believe Georges St-Pierre is ‘great’ martial artist,

Discussion in 'News' started by MattCMMA, Dec 3, 2012.

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    He makes an interesting point about the histories of the fighters... It's something to think about for sure.
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    He makes some good points with his assessment but either way GSP is not someone to take lightly
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    That's for sure. I wouldn't choose to fight the man, he'd KILL me, lol
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    Seagal is a in recent years if anyone else hasn't noticed :whistle:. They're both great fighters and great martial artists. Both have tasted defeat and returned better for it (as far as looking good in defeat is Seagal forgetting the bad looking loss to Takase? and the loss to Chonan?). Weight has a huge effect now that no one can surprise anyone else with a new skill set as BJJ did early on. This is also why a catch weight superfight proves nothing about who's the "best".
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    Basically I agree with him - I don't see that he really said anything "wrong". He prefaced many of his comments with "I think" - he's clearly stating his own opinions.

    But I do NOT think he should have said "I think in this situation size matters" - not with that photo of him up top. :unsure:
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  8. i think seagul doesnt know what he is talking about.....
    i should note that gsp is my hero....
    no matter what gsp is a great martial artist....and the fact that he is training and coaching winners says alot
    if yu watch all of his fights....and i mean all of them....yu will say holy crap......gsp is the fing man!
  9. Ieuan Walker

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    I've always found it difficult to take what Seagal says seriously, He's an overweight exmovie star with stunt and martial arts experience, not a master or a professional coach or manager, yes he trains Machida and Silva, but not alone. What seagal does is basically like seminars, not a regime of exercise, nutrition and training like a real pro does.
    Simply by stating that George St Pierre is not a great martial artist shows clearly that Seagal has his head really really far up his own arse, I'd like to see seagal in the cage, if he's the great master he seems to think he is. I'd even fight him, He's an overweight obnoxious has been. As far as i know has never had any real fight experience in the way of competition, he's a fake and is no more a judge of great martial artists than the general spectator-ship of UFC.
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  11. Eric Dufurrena

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    "I just think he's a wonderful, very good martial artist and good guy," mused Seagal.

    Wonderful, but not great. Confusing.

    He actually had some nice things to say, like he thinks that GSP will get better. I read on fight day that GSP weighs more than 190. Thats more than 20 lbs gained back in one day! If by size difference you are refering to height, Silva does have quite the reach advantage and REALLY knows how to use it, but in weight, sheer muscle, I think GSP has Silva beat. As far as GSP's skill level goes, I have to disagree, I have seen that guy fight many times, and he is an amazing striker and skilled grappler. I was disappointed with his performance vs Shields, I was hoping, like most people I would imagine, that we were going to see an amazing ground match between two of the best in the sport, but not once did it go to the ground. For GSP's credit, he always uses his enemies weakness against them.

    And in response to his not finishing his opponents of late, I think we should be focusing on his opponents inability to finish HIM!
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  12. Midnight_Omni

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    Well, lets just have a look at Seagal's own "fight history" ..... oh wait, there is none. This reminds me of those kiddies you see commenting on YouTube martial arts video's talking smack about fighters from their desk at home without a whip of knowledge of what they're talking about.

    I believe Ronda Rousey put it perfectly when she said: “No, [Steven Seagal is not legit]. “He’s Aikido. I mean, Aikido’s cool, but who in MMA does Aikido? Who has an Aikido background? ‘So and so coming to the cage is a world champion with a background in Aikido.’ You never heard that once. Have you heard that once? That’s for a reason.”

    Steven Seagal (or his art) has never contributed to MMA and he's also never fought, and would have lost if he did. I just can't take anything he says seriously when he contradicts himself as much as he does. That said, I think GSP vs Silva would be a cracker of a match.

    No offense to any Aikido guys here, it's just never made an impact in MMA.
  13. Vldz

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    At the end of the day, everybody is entitled to their opinion.

    Having said that, what is "great"- how do you define it? Most effective? More suave? More "balanced"?
  14. i was thinking all of this but didnt want to say it! wasnt in the mood!
  15. Dave76

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    Probaly because joint manipulation is banned, making Aiki-do's primary techniques illegal.
    Bit hard to have an impact on a sport that banned almost everything you do.
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  16. Midnight_Omni

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    Is this like one of those "My martial art would win in a 'real' fight" kind of things? I thought we were past that..
  17. SifuPhil

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    And that's to its credit ...
  18. Enkidu

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  19. Caneman

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    Maybe, someday... MMA will progress to a combination of Lucha Libre with blade combat added. :mask:
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  20. Dave76

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    Huh? How did you infer that from my statement?
    I was merely stating the fact that joint manipulation is banned in mma. Aikido tries to get you off balance, so as to be able to apply throws, holds and locks, primairily with use of joint manipulation...
    That's all, just a statement of fact, not saying Aikido would win against mma in a streetfight. I would happily use what little Aikido I know on the street.....after I get them punchdrunk first.
  21. DeeD

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    I think Seagal has a lot of knowledge but rambles on about a lot of things, Is GSP a great martial artist not sure define great, is he a great mma champion yes he is, Gsp is a champion within an mma context within mma rules, could be an interesting debate
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