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  1. Your a very cociencence person as well Sensei,rei.
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    I have to say from personal experience of always paying my own fees from 19 with no financial help from my mother, I suggest you have a quiet word. You could suggest them paying for each class they attend, at one point I had to do this myself. At their age they are adults and should pay for their training even if it is per class, if they are dedicated enough they will agree......respects and peace xxxXXxxx
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    That's fees arereally high
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  4. There are kidds who are interested...I weed out those sencier and refer....
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    one of the reason my master left the fitness club he taught at for 14 years was exactly that. they would have a say in how he taught and who could teach. he couldnt leave warming us up to the 2nd dan's or anything. it had to be him. and little things like that. it made him frustrated. so now we work out in a church basement :D
  6. Any Sensei has his or her motives....ur guess is as good as mine....
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    For the record, I currently have several students who are in arrears. For the past 3 years off and on there have been 1/4 years where I've had to borrow from student-friends (NOT what they're here for, but thankfully They feel personally responsible & empowered to maintain a place For them to train) & then pay it back throughout the remainder of the year. This is one such down-time, currently. I've also had many students not pay for a few months & of course just Quit. These types of things can make you feel despondent, bitter - and without even realizing it may have a transferrence effect & we blame our Practice for this!!!! I Never, & I mean NEVER, want to feel that way about my art, practice, students - Anything. So in my former post, I'd advised what I consider to be my broadest "CURRENT" policy. If They come to me with sincerity, if they're having serious problems outside of their control, they get leeway. Especially if they're good students (good conduct, good for the other students). If it's someone who just wants to take advantage of my low rates (and I mean I have Engineers who give me a hard time for $50 a month/2 classes a week/2hrs per class) then I have to ...'remind'.... them that my kindness for those who have considerably less is not a weakness for these afluent individuals to take advantage of. Something (and the only thing that I can lean against Without my own feelings & attitudes getting in the way of being 'adamant') that comes to mind is this: Have you Ever walked into a McDonalds & asked them to give you a $1 hamburger or fries? I mean, even just a single measly ol' $1 burger? I have never in my entire life considered this. I wouldn't. I know that there's a markup (and I don't charge over a Necessary Minimum at my guan) and I know that eating is necessary for Life Itself (Kung Fu feels that way, but I am realistic about it's necessity.) So all in all, I end up catching myself in the cold reflection of my coffee cup saying "What the HELL dude...." I don't know if any of these things that anyone is saying helps about the way you feel, but for me, just like training techniques or methods, my Free Burger consideration isn't something that I have to like, it's just something that is NECESSARY to meet the goals set before me.
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    i had a major chat with them.. they are both good boys and seem to have a lot of respect for me and the class. me saying "i feel like i am being taken advantage of here" seemed to take old especially with the older one and he's making an big effort to have at least 1/3 of the $300 odd they owe me payed off in the next couple of weeks
  9. Students and Fees. yes i have had many problems, when i moved back to my home town district i opened 12 classes in five local towns, fees were half which were being offered in the citys and i had 90 students in total. i had no other job this was my life, living the dream. But i spent as much time chasing members for fees as i did teaching them and training my self. In the second year i felt i was losing the teacher - student relationship and was creating a creditor / debtor relationship this was not good. so i change the memberships over to contracts and a tuition collection business, well known in Austraiasia. at first it worked well untill members started leaving and wanting to terminate memberships. the reason, "they did not like how the collection company was treating them." business was going down hill, i found my self chasing new members to replace the ones who had left. I wasnt happy my passion and love for training was no longer enjoyable, it seemed to only be about 'Bums in seats'. When i open my classes in 2007, the credit crisses hadnt quite occured, family's didnt have alot of money but they had jobs, things were tuff but people paid their fees. by the end of 2010 i had aproximatly 9-10,000 dollars of out standing fees unpaid, i had 3 debt collecting agencys chasing people who were no longer members. I have yet to see any of this money. I beleave people took advantage of my good nature, i have always been about the training not the money, but as others here have said, venues, administration , fuel, transport etc all need to be paid for. Maybe they didnt see the value in what i was teaching. after christmas 2010, the real crunch occured. companys started closing, factorys started cutting shifts, i guess business had run out of reserves. I had already been told by 8 familys they were moving to the citys to find work, they took with them 16 students out of 68 that were training, i have since found out that 4 of those familys ended up moving to Austrailia for work 6 months later. What i didnt expect was only 23 students returned in 2011 and only 10 new ones joined, of the 23, 7 failed to pay fees on time, thus resulting in hall fees not being paid and the bookings were terminated.The damage had been done, small towns dont have alot of halls and they are usually always booked up. By April i was looking for work to suplement living cost and feed the family. By August 4 classes has had been closed and by October 4 more had gone. The die hard students that always paid their fees, the ones that would have turned up even if the hall burnt down were commutting 20 mile to train at the classses that were still open.
    I only teach in two towns now, one where i have a night shift job and the other where i live with my family, i have 12 students and they all pay their fees. i no longer have issue with non paying students. They all have to pay cash in the hand on the first week of each school term (11 weeks) for teaching fees, other wise i dont teach them, they can just sit and watch if they have paid their club fee. I have a bout 22 students that pay annual club fees, which get them invited to all the social activities, like BBQ's , movie nights, mineral hot pools, beach trips, and they usually always come and support at tournaments. they just dont always have the money for lessions. Club fees are $30NZD pa, teaching fees are currently $3.60NZD per 90-120min class ($80NZD per term). All members pay an annual association registration fee of $11USD pa. Belt exam fees were $130NZD but due to the high exchange rate, the fee has been reduced to $90NZD.
    Classes are smaller and the student / teacher relationship is much better, pearents pay on time with out any complaining. I am more cinical now and interveiw all new students and their pearents and dont always accept every application for lessions.
    I do miss living , breathing sleeping and eating martial arts as a carrer/ lifestyle choice, but feel i would have to move back to the city life. I like the feel of small town living.
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    Ok an update. after serveral promises of part payments i still haven't recieved anything so it's time to get tough. i'm writing up a bill. They owe $270. if at the very least half of it is not payed by the 5th of september they will be told not to bother coming back unitl the bill is payed in full. if they do manage to get an amount to me by 5th of september i will also expect some form of regular payment to pay off the rest and they will not be allowed to get in arrears again. if they decide not to come back and simply not pay then fine i lose out but it is simply not fair on me training them and its not fair on the other students who are training and actually paying fee's.
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    Well, if they do not come back you not only stop loosing money, you gain some good experience so as to prevent this in the future. So either way it is a win:win for you. The students will also learn that you have to be responsible, and that nothing is free in live.
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    you are bang on mate.its not fair on the students who pay regularly...good luck with this..msh

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