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  1. Vidadi

    Vidadi www.jkd.az

    Dear Martial Artists,

    My name is Vidadi Hajiyev, I am martial arts instructor from Azerbaijan Republic.
    I appologize for my knowledge of English, I learned it in my early university years.

    I would like to share with you some tips for self-defence in Taekwondo.

    It would be very helpful to me if you send me comments, advices, notes, some different views and opinions. All of it can help me in development and improvement.

    Also I am going upload regurally free video lessons on various topics related to martial arts and self-defense. Future videos will be followed by explanations, close up views and step by step instructions, the current video is just preview from our past training.

    I had trained in Military Sambo, Boxing, Freestyle Wrestling, Muay Thai, Grappling, Ju-jitsu, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kali and a litle in Wing Chun. My training experience is about 28 years and martial arts teaching experience about 18 years.

    You are always welcome to Azerbaijan to my dojo for training free of charge or just as a quest.

    I wish you health, happiness and harmony in life.

    Vidadi Hajiyev
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  3. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    I find that schools have self defense programmes when they don't understand the Kata/hyungs/poomsae they practice and they are just an Oriental dances to get the next colour belt.

    When a child is taught self defense and the attacker in the class is amicable, when they use it outside and it doesn't work they blame the style not the instructor.
  4. Vidadi

    Vidadi www.jkd.az

    Hi Kuyaken, you noted very actual problem. At one side I completely agree with you but this problem have another side, and it comes from tao/kata/hyungs/poomsae origins and generally from main reason of creating form at its roots. Kata has many faces and aims, if instructors understand its nature and origins, then they can successfully use it for their personal development as well for teaching students.

    At beginning needs to understand what is form in generally. Traditionally there were 1-3 forms for style of martial art. Then some smart masters created more forms. We can discover various reasons of creation of more forms in order to establish easiness in teaching separating one difficult and long form to parts; second created forms as a result of its evolution; others created for marketing reasons.

    As we may know from human history in ancient times there was very few methods how to save information and how to pass this information to next generation (rock painting, sand frescos, sculptures, rituals and folklore dances, stories, traditions, legends, myths, and poetry). Sometimes it was necessary to codification of information in order to pass it to specific descendant.

    By my opinion martial arts form/tao/kata/hyungs/poomsae represents following definitions:

    It is an ancient means of transmitting martial art information from one generation to the next.

    It is an ancient remedy of combining the basic concepts of martial art and their physical expression in specific biomechanical movements.

    It is an ancient remedy of programming of the human mind and body, aimed at establishing a in human specific reflexes, specific manner of movements and the specific biomechanics in compliance with the basic concepts of a particular style of martial arts.

    Now some ideas about relation of forms to self-defense. My opinion, that form does not represent only defensive concepts. This is contrary to the general principle of martial arts – Ying and Yang, which is also a guiding principle in many other areas of human life and the universe as a whole.

    By Ying and Yang concept any martial art movement should have offensive and defensive nature, any defensive movement also contain a certain portion of offensive nature as well any offensive movement also contain a certain portion of defensive nature.

    That’s why when we analyze one movement from form and its application/bunkai/bonghae we can see that one movement can be interpreted as block, strike, throw, joint lock, choke or simple avoiding and any of this application can be used both in offensive and defensive ways.

    Some styles has canonical interpretation of each movement and limited expressions of movements, other style teach general concepts and how use them creating own unlimited applications as many as it needs for real combative situations.

    As Kuyaken noted, it is realy a very few instructors understand what is form, what is for, how to use it, as well very few instructors understand main martial art principle of Ying and Yang and how to apply it in real life combative confrontation.

    Form is not most perfect or a specialized tool for self-defense, because the form is intended for a more broader, general and important goals in mental and physical development of martial artists.
    Separate Self-Defense program can be integrated to any martial art teaching program if it teaches solid knowledge of combative psychology, human behavior in stress situations, relation of human emotions to biomechanical reactions and reflexes, special anatomy for controlling pressure points or destructions, useful and practical training drills, combat checked and detailed curriculum of techniqueswhich are appropriated to the needs of modern society and modern evolution of human fighting skills.

    Dear Kuyaken, I repect your opinion and tried explain my personal view and understanding of kata – heart and soul of karate.

    I apologize for my knowledge of English, it difficult to express own opinion in original, complete and comprehensive form. Generally my mind in Russian, but I will develop my knowledge of English in order to share my thoughts and ideas with English speaking friends in martial arts as well as in general term.

    Thank you to all who spent a time to read it.
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  5. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    Nasdrovia my friend

    I'm glad we think the same when it comes to martial arts, I look forward to reading more of your posts and my appologies that my Russian isn't as good as your English
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  6. Vidadi

    Vidadi www.jkd.az

    Thank you, I also would like to read your posts old and new. On this weekend I am going read this forum and meet interesting persons. I hope one day we can all meet in real training, camp, seminar and of cource to do friendship in general. I have not large experience of forums, but I feel that I have come to right place.
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