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  1. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Ed Bates asked the other day if there was an app to view Black Belt Forums on his phone. My response was that I hadn't added it as yet because it means users will need to pay $2.99 for the app in order to view the site.

    After thinking the situation over, I decided to add support for Tapatalk here, MMA Forums and Taekwondo Forums. Those who like the app can purchase it. Everyone else has the option of viewing Black Belt Forums as normal via their mobile phone or switching to the mobile design via the link at the bottom left hand side of every page.

    More About Tapatalk

    I tried out Tapatalk last night on my iPad. On iOS there is a universal app for iPhone and iPad and an iPad specific version too. I chose the universal app by accident. I had wanted to try the iPad version out so was annoyed I downloaded the wrong one.

    I took the screenshot below last night. Although it was taken on my iPad, the app was made for the iPhone so it's a good example of what it will look like on your phone.


    Tapatalk retails for $2.99 on iPhone


    $4.99 on iPad


    $2.97 on Android


    $2.99 on Blackberry


    Google Chrome users can also download a free extension that notifies them of post updates etc via their browser.

    My Initial Thoughts On Tapatalk

    I tried out Tapatalk on my iPad and iPhone. I downloaded the phone app for the iPad. It works well and does make it quicker to view posts etc though my initial thoughts are that it's better to view Black Belt Forums via the browser (e.g. Safari) on an iPad as the large screen makes it a more enjoyable experience.

    After downloading the wrong app last night I sent a quick request to Apple for a refund stating that I had wanted to download the HD version. I suspect that the iPad version is much better for viewing on the iPad.

    Even if the iPad specific version is great on the iPad, I can't help but think that this is an app that is more geared towards phones than tablets. Viewing the regular desktop design of Black Belt Forums on a smartphone isn't great and the Tapatalk app makes reading through posts and replying much simpler. I'm still getting used to the interface though I'm kind of tempted to buy the iPad app for my iPad and keep the iPhone version for my phone.

    The Chrome notifier seems pretty good too. I haven't tested Tapatalk on an android or blackberry phone though I'm sure it's a similar experience.

    Tapatalk lists all of the forums you visit that use Tapatalk so if you visit several forums regularly, this could be a great app to try out. For me, browsing forums via a desktop browser and using a keyboard to type your replies remains the best solution. Though if you are looking for a good way to read forums and reply whilst on the move, I recommend checking Tapatalk out.

    Here's an example of the iPhone app in action:

    And the Android app:

    And on the Blackberry Playbook:

    If you have any questions about the app, please let me know.

  3. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Update: I decided to purchase the iPad version of Tapatalk.

    I've spent the last hour using the iPad app on my iPad and the regular app on my iPhone. I'm still getting used to it but overall I'm pleased with the purchase.

    After using the iPad version, I have to say that the iPhone version doesn't work great on the bigger screen. It looks great on phones though.

    On the iPad version they have used the available space wisely. Discussions are displayed on the right hand pane whilst the latest discussions are shown on the left hand side. Typing is slower than a keyboard, as you would expect on a tablet, though reading the forum and jumping between different threads is quicker and much easier. It's quite expensive as far as most apps go but if you visit forums often and own an iPad, I would recommend giving it a try. The iPhone version looks great too (but not on the iPad).


    The iPad version also lets you easily upload attachments easily though by far it's best feature is browsing. You can check through the latest threads in seconds due to the latest threads being listed in the left pane and the content being shown on the right hand pane. You can also load up the site as a browser via the app too.

    Does anyone else here visit Black Belt Forums via a tablet or their phone?
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    I have an andriod fone Kev....will that work? If so, how lol....Love your technically challenged friend
  5. Deborah

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    How dumb can one blonde be?? All the fecken answers are already hear LMAO!!! Cheerz Kev....respects and confusion as always xxxXXxxx
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