ten ways you know ur addcited to MMA

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by shyquille graves, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Gone

    Gone Guest

    I'd like to add in someting unique and interesting like you guys but I only have two to add at the moment.

    - the highlight of your week is going to your classes

    - you think the gym/dojo should host more classes in your style per week.
  2. shyquille graves

    shyquille graves Warrior Monk

    very beautiful animal im sorry for u loss i really am idk what i would with about my dog she has been there when my human friends have not been
  3. Mr.Bond

    Mr.Bond Big Ass Dog

    Thanks Mr.Graves,

    Got him when he was around two, and had him for about ten years. Walked him every day I was with him and he knew when it was walk time....he would paw at the leash when I asked him where it was. You know what, cried like a baby when I had to put him to sleep. He had cystic kidneys and spent about 3k in treatment until there was nothing else to do....He was protective but not aggressive but would scare people just because he looked like a huge black wolf.

    I also did Aikido moves with him....spun around when he chased me.
  4. shyquille graves

    shyquille graves Warrior Monk

    my dog is the same way idk what it is about german shepards but they are really smart and
  5. shyquille graves

    shyquille graves Warrior Monk

    i do that to but i crack my neck then i smile and think to myself i know im ready

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