The Backlash from Miss USA's comments about martial arts

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  1. Alice Okasan

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    The winner of the Miss USA pageant (a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo) made comments in the interview portion of the competition that got feminists all in a tizzy. She actually suggested that women learn to defend themselves as a partial solution to sexual assault on college campuses. Since then, she's been flamed on social media for "promoting rape culture" and "victim shaming" and told she needs to "get some self-respect".

    Here are my thoughts on the stupidity:
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  2. Caneman

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    Well written blog. Those that believe you can convince or "culturally convince" violent predators to "be nicer"... are simply clueless. The word "clueless" doesn't really capture it... but people's ignorance to those who see them as a resource or an obstacle to a resource will always lack understanding that evil is real... coexist with those who want to kill you or take everything from you... is lunacy... I could go on... but well written.
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  3. Eric Dufurrena

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    The world is scared of a strong woman. Sad.

    Side note, I live in Nevada, so I was happy to hear that she won!
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    I posted about this on my Farcebook page. I never in a million, trillion, septillion years would I ever thought I would give my respect to a pagent winner so quickly. But, when I heard what she said. It gave me a renewed sense of faith in people. Then I saw the comments from people trolling her . That brought that faith back down few notches. It......vexes me that in the past 5 or 6 years the amount of crazy the people of this country has skyrocketed to Bizzaro levels. From this girl speaking Practice Sense (Common Sense isn't common anymore) and getting snarled & lashed at, women as well! (WTFH!!!) To crap like the Knockout Game. To thinks like Fracking being legal. To allowing the majority of our food to be integrated with toxins. Insane.
    From what I understand she is staying positive and standing her ground. Everyone I know salutes her.
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  5. Eric Dufurrena

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    All this hoopla reminds me of when they crowned Nina Davuluri Miss America. When did it happen that the contestants of beauty pagents were smarter than the majority of the rest of the country?
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