The Benefits Of The Apple Peel

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    if only if only i love fruit
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    Some up to date science on the humble apple

    Also do not be afraid of the sugar in fruit, it is simple carbohydrates and requires no digestion, your body can use it right away, this is our bodies preferred source of energy and it's essential to get enough carbohydrates in ones diet. Fresh ripe fruit is the human bodies best source of sugar followed by cooked starches. Keep in mind that fruit is also high in water and most importantly high in soluble fibre, eating whole fruit even a diabetic will have no blood sugar spikes because it regulates how quickly the sugar gets into your blood. When one eats 10-15% or more of their calories from fat it inhibits the bodies ability to uptake, transport and deliver sugar and oxygen to cells, excess fat is the problem, not sugar.
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    I toss my apple cores to the squirrels, now I could consider giving them a lot of the meat of the apple and just eating the skin, I'd still eat a whole lot of the whole apple. Interesting.

    Also, all of this makes me wonder a bit about the famed Apple Cider Vinegar which like Soy Miso is fermented, fermented products supposing to be good for one as Kimchi and Kombucha are fermented as well.
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    nice post shared

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