The Death Penalty.

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Capital punishment.

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  1. I am for the death penalty.

  2. I am against the death penalty.

  1. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    Rape: I've known people falsely accused of rape, even though they'd done nothing wrong and were acquitted the stigma stayed with them, the old "no smoke without fire" mentality. Just think what it'd have been like had they been convicted and executed.

    Murder: self defence isn't murder but in many countries the laws on self defence are so complex that a tiny mistake can be the difference between self defence resulting in accidental death and murder. Especially if you're in a commonwealth country where your first duty is to retreat if attacked.

    Back to drugs, I find your attitude toward the little old lady supplementing her income scenario to be naïve and ignorant. I don't know about Oz but I have friends in the US and UK whose pensions don't cover their basic living expenses. Please explain how they're "over spending their pensions" as you put it. So you feel selling drugs is piss-poor? What about alcohol? That's a drug or is it ok in your view because its legal? Any idea how many lives are ruined by booze every day? "Feed peoples' addiction to a harmful substance that can ruin their life" well alcohol is a harmful addictive substance... In fact research I've done suggests alcohol to be one of the most damaging substances you can take (not including fatal poisons of course) drugs don't ruin lives, people can ruin their lives by taking too many in an irresponsible manner just the same as they can ruin their lives by drinking too much, gambling too often with not enough capital... There are many many things people can do to destroy their lives, drugs are just a whipping boy. On top of that I've never known anyone to take a drug they didn't want to take. Think about that when you consider alcohol is advertised in many different media.
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  2. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Yes it's sad that many women have accused people of rape because they wanted to get back at someone. Many done it for attention. In my opinion, women who do this should be jailed for a long time. I can only imagine how horrible it would be to be accused of something like that before an ex-girlfriend was jealous and wanted to hurt you.

    The sad thing is, the ones who cry rape falsely are really hurting people who have suffered from rape. If there's beyond any shadow of a doubt that someone raped someone else, I'm all for having them castrated.
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  3. The10man

    The10man Disciple

    I am definitely in favor of the death penalty for some crimes. I will go one step further, and go on record as saying I am against MOST insanity pleas. Look at the recent shooting in Colorado. Yes the guy that did it is most assuredly crazy, but that should NOT stop him from being punished appropriately. He is criminally insane and should never see the light of day again. He should be killed by firing squad as that is what he did to the innocent theater goers. Murder with premeditation should be death penalty and quickly carried out. Not 30 years on death row. Without premeditation would have to be case by case.
    Rape depends on the specifics. What about an 18 year old guy with a 15 year old girlfriend? Where I live that is "rape" as she cannot legally give consent. However the guy that breaks in or assaults someone in a parking garage with a weapon and is identified by DNA and witnesses? Different situation. Being raped is a lifelong sentence for the victim. Why do we treat the rapist as someone who can be rehabilitated when the victim never gets over it? So in the violent rape case I would probably be for it, but in consent issues not. As to chemical or actual castration it may or would not work. Rape is more an act of power than sex. I personally know of a child rapist begging not to be released as he could not trust himself not to act on his urges. When offered chemical castration, he looked at the judge and said "There are other ways." Chilling, but true.
  4. Locutus

    Locutus Your fight is futile, my hands are pounding you!

    That gave me goosebumps and not the nice tingly ones. The cold somebodies walking over your grave ones. :eek:
  5. Gone

    Gone Guest

    Sometimes the least amount of force to stop an attacker is lethal force.

    The law gives us the freedom to protect our live equal to the measure at which we are being attacked. And when we are being attacked with a *deadly weapon*, then the force at which we can return return to ensure our own health and survival can be lethal.
  6. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Except most knife attacks are classed as 'intent to cause grevious bodily harm', not attempted murder.

    If you could prove that you were unable to run away, had allready been stabbed, not slashed, but stabbed and were fast losing conciousness and the assailant was still coming at you, then you would have a case for self defense with the use of lethal force.
    Anything else and sadly you would in all likelihood still be up on manslaughter charges.

    Depending on circumstances, I would probaly take the risk of probables charges over risking my life, but that's all just speculation, no one really knows what they will or wont do when a situation like this occur's. So I should say that I like to think I would be able to run first, if not, then have pressence of mind enough to strike hard, strike fast and walk away in one piece, deal with whatever charges do or don't come of it later.
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  7. Gone

    Gone Guest

    You have to be alive to be charged and jailed.
  8. Ben

    Ben Master

    I've had a few friends addicted to weed. And several drug-related studies for high school also yielded that it was addictive. I'm not sure about the pension in perth, I can only write about what I know, which is that the pension is quite livable in victoria. And really, the bills for gas, electricity, water and such will only be excessive if you use excessive amounts. I'm sick of people complaining about how high their bills are, when they are the ones with four heaters on at once, because they don't like certain rooms to get cold while they make a cup of tea. Which is generally the case in Victoria. As I said, I can only write from what I know. I may live at home with my parents, but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant of situations that go on. I watch the news all the time with my family, get the facts and then judge based on what I see.
  9. Ben

    Ben Master

    I can understand this. I was raised to believe in living without violence, but also to be aware that it may be necessary to defend oneself regardless of consequence. Tie that in with a lifetime of seeing people I care about being shit on by other people, as well as getting shit on myself all my life and I currently have the view of "Life deserves respect. But those that ruin other people's lives don't deserve the same." A rapist isn't a person to me. They're an animal that deserves the lowest treatment. I will admit I am an angry, angry young man with a lot of resentment. But I probably wouldn't have the guts to do any of what I suggest in the first place. There's just a part of me that would be okay with it happening.
  10. Ieuan Walker

    Ieuan Walker Grasshoppa

    I for one do not believe in capital punishment, It's a system that has had it's failures putting a government body in charge of who lives and dies is terrifying. I also do not believe anyone has the right to take a life, even if it is of a murderer or any villainy. Life imprisonment i feel is fitting, however it is too easy now-a-days, i think it must be a bare minimum to keep them alive, a 4x4 cell and water. I am all for chemical castration of psychopaths, sociopaths and pedophiles however.
  11. Ieuan Walker

    Ieuan Walker Grasshoppa

    A kill by self defense would be man-slaughter.
  12. Gone

    Gone Guest

    This is what I love. Having to explain yourself after being the one that was attacked. "Oi, did you kill that fella that was attacking you with a firemans axe/hammer/knife/baseballbat/whatever?" "only because the guy was going to kill me" "LOL, don't care. go to jail, fag"
  13. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    You really didn't help with this statement. You HAVE to explain yourself. NO MATTER WHAT! If you acted the right way or wrong way would be based on your hypothetical trial. You killing someone within self defense or NOT has CONSEQUENCES. Weighing those consequences on a split decision to become lethal or defensive is foolish in the first place. The decision should be obvious to any martial artist. The point is ,to a last resort should a martial artist use force. Most Importantly I believe, to which I've been taught. That a basic lesson in Social Engineering is the most valuable type of lessons.
  14. Gone

    Gone Guest

    Yeah but that's not what I was talking about in my original post. I wanted to avoid the cherry picking about the petty politics and what-if's of it all.

    I was talking about if someone committed a crime that could definitely warrant the death penalty, would BBF'ers issue the death penalty in such a case or would they still opt for other forms of punishment (and if so, what?)?
  15. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    No death penalty. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  16. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Samurai

    As a private individual or citizen I would say yes to the death penalty for certain crimes. As a martial arts instructor, I teach self defense and that they should use only the amount of force necessary to defend themselves. As a law enforcement officer (police), I see, hear of many crimes committed, take reports and must sympathize with the victims on a daily basis. I also know that sometimes the individuals making the claims are not 100% truthful and some innocent people get arrested which usually means that their lives are turned upside down because someone lied! When imposing the death penalty, the court should automatically give a certain amount of time to appeal the decision, like ten years for the defense team to find any new or existing evidence that may have been over looked like DNA...etc. I do believe that the punishment should fit the crime but, that we shouldn't judge in haste. Master Fahy
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  17. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    It's something I'm of two minds about. There has been innocent people who have died in through the death penalty in the past. Even with advances in forensics, I'm not 100% sure this is something they can ever stop from happening.

    In many cases I'd support someone who has done something terrible to rot in a cage rather than kill them. One of the things that appalls me about the British government is the short sentences that many criminals get for violent crimes. I'm not a drug users but it shocks me that there has been instances where someone gets jailed a year in jail for growing cannabis and handing it out to friends and then another person brutally attacks someone in the street and as punishment has to got out in the sunshine during the summer months and do gardening. And how can governments release pedophiles who have abused children after just a few years in jail?

    I also think my view about the death penalty would change if someone close to me was hurt (child, parents etc).
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  18. B J Jenkins

    B J Jenkins Initiate

    If only everything was black and white. Do we ever know the real circumstances behind a crime. I would be guilty of a crime by accepting the death penalty, what about the person who has to pull the switch? Do I have any right what so ever to decide that someone dies. Isn't this the very basis of the difference between right or wrong. The reason we don't kill is because we believe it to be wrong. If we waiver in our resolve does this not weaken our beliefs. If we compromise on this I wonder what else we would compromise on.
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  19. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    Wow - almost 87% For.

    I'm in good company, but then I already knew that. (y)
  20. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    Killing is only wrong when it is done for the wrong reasons.

    I feel that I, for one, have the right to decide when someone dies - when they kill or attempt to kill (or rape or a host of other felonies) me or a loved one or friend. In that case, if I don't do the job on them first then just show me where the switch is - I'll even draw a smiley face on it before I throw it, doing my happy-dance all the while.
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