The Lost Shaolin Scrolls

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    Consuelo forced me to go to the flea market the other day, when what I really should have been doing was working. But the day was looking too warm and beautiful, as was Consuelo, so I closed-up shop and trundled off to look at other people's garbage.

    What I found has profoundly changed my views of the Shaolin Temple. I think it will change your views as well.

    Hidden within the framework of an old lamp table that Connie insisted would look good in the entry hall I found 6 rolled-up pieces of silk, most of them in excellent shape but with one appearing to have been vandalized. Each scroll measures 48-3/4" (124cm) long and 24-1/2" (62 cm) wide.

    From their general appearance and the obvious care taken in their creation, as well as the content expressed within them, I have determined that they are Shaolin Monastery scrolls of a type and style that have never been seen before and that seems to stump the experts.

    Decide for yourself - here are digital photos I took, one of each of the scrolls, placed here in chronological order ...

    Fantastic stuff, right?!? I was thrilled to find these scrolls and couldn't wait to read the next one in the series ...

    Wow - what an intimate view of the Temple and its inner workings! Even the parts about the little things that go wrong just gives these scrolls that human touch ...​
    What the ...? How come this was never on CNN, or at least in the Daily Telegraph?!? This is ground-breaking stuff, paradigm-shifting stuff! This is an entirely new way of seeing the Shaolin order! I immediately proceeded to check out the next scroll, even though by this point Consuelo was trying to entice me to come to bed ...​
    I am speechless - I never imagined the Shaolin Temple this way. I'd always thought of it as a hallowed shrine, a holy place of mind-body development - not this crazy circus of errors.​
    Connie gave up trying to lure me to bed. I'm grabbing for the next scroll, eager to see how this adventure will turn out ...​
    Oh, my.​
    I start to wonder at this point whether I should just burn these scrolls - it just doesn't seem right that the world of martial arts should be exposed to this. I get as far as pulling my Ronson out of my pocket when I see the last scroll.​
    ... after a moment's hesitation I put the lighter back in my pocket and begin reading this ... note that the graffiti is exactly as I found it on the scroll - I have not altered it in any way.​
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    facepalm. did you just get this from some cheesy email or something?
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    Different strokes for different folks, I suppose ...

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