The Super Fight - Muhammad Ali Vs Rocky Marciano

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Kevin, Nov 21, 2012.

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    I recently came read about the 'Super Fight' between Ali and Marciano. The film was created after a computer analysed the fighters previous fights.

    I thought it was just a gimmick thing for a TV show or something but it was actually released in cinemas and made an impressive $5 million at the box office - which was quite a lot in 1970 for a film, never mind a boxing file.

    The film was released on DVD in 2005. It was also inspiration for Rocky VI (Rocky Balboa).


    Apparently two different endings were filmed but the one shown at the cinema is the one which can be seen below.

    I'm curious as to whether any of our American members remember this and whether they went to see it on its release.

    More info about the digital fight at

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    Wow! thx for sharing this.
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    I saw this a while back. It was very clever for the time.
    The thing I've always felt when people argue/discuss who really was the best pound for pound boxer if all time is that over time people generally get bigger, just look at the heavyweight champs of 1913 compared to the guys we now have. Massive difference in height and musculature, partly due to the fact that people just get bigger with passing generations and partly thanks to a better understanding of nutrition and athletic conditioning. I've heard it said Sonny Liston was the "Mike Tyson of his day" yet the difference in musculature is blatantly apparent. Bob Fitzsimmons was apparently very muscular yet in pictures I've seen he was less muscular yhan I am.

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