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    Remember your level changes are mostly achieved through the legs but initiated by the trunk (midsection). I'll call it dipping rather than ducking so as to get away from thinking bending at the waist. When you're slipping a punch most of that movement is achieved through "shoulder rolling". When in a fight and during dipping or slipping punches or dealing with other strikes you keep your eyes on their center-mass and basically unfocus your eyes in a way to let your peripheral vision detect strikes/movement from any part of their body. That and the hands "go" with the head - don't let them drop during head movement.
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    this is interesting :)
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    Great post.
    I will keep staying it as long as I do martial arts... one rule, rules them all:
    Position, transition, submission(or strike).
    This is a show case for position and transition... most people know this as footwork, with bob and weave.
    I like his use of fade... such an underused movement for most.
    I did notice a pattern in his movement that I would love to be handed the gloves for a try... he has quite a low dip (bob) to the right after a right rear fade or weave. To the point he loses eye contact...
    But serious props to him. VERY nice work.
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    This seems good to train the move, but how can I train my reflex?
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    ok do this ... time yourself how many times did you bob (squat under the rope, not bend over) per minutes ...
    and try again bob twice per side for a minute, how many time did you bobbed ? ...
    do this for 5 days
    and test again on 7th day, 14th day etc ... if you are increasing bobbing, your reflex will be faster

    p.s. for every time you touch the rope, deduct 2 bob each touch of your 1 minute result
    p.s.s. the video is an idea, the bob in it is slightly error.
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