Thou Shalt Not Poomse: Dr. Russell Tardo on The Evil of Martial Arts - Part 2

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    3. The concept of self-defense is itself both unscriptural (sic) and anti-christian (sic)

    You'd think a pastor would know enough to be able to spell words that are germane to his profession, but there you have it.

    Yay, Scripture!


    4. The martial arts glorify the flesh

    Oh, boy, is Enkidu ever in trouble now!

    I'm wondering how once again Dr. Tardo confuses “strongman” stage stunts with martial arts? Where is he getting all this? Was his mother scared by Charles Atlas when he was a fetus?

    He rants and raves about these stunts but doesn't mention a few other examples, such as Moses parting the Red Sea and schlepping those heavy stone tablets around. What about Jesus doing those few magic tricks of his own? What – it's OK because he has a Union card?

    He's really getting warmed-up now!

    … and of course prayer, faith, following some “Holy Book” and worshiping the bodily excretions of some guy who may or may not have existed has NOTHING to do with “occult” knowledge …

    Wasn't there some reference in the Bible about “First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to remove the speck from your brother's eye”?

    5. By their fruits you shall know them



    Oh … not THOSE fruits? Sorry.

    Dr. Tardo talks in this last section about how one church-sponsored karate demo team “converted” an entire high-school football team, yet the team never appeared in church afterward. He points this out as a sign of the ineffective and ill effects that martial arts have on youth. He goes on to list several additional drawbacks of teaching the arts to children ...

    This guy is so far from the mark, from peer-reviewed sociological research into the benefits of training children, that it isn't even funny.

    Note that he says “speaking from experience” in regard to the paranoia supposedly developed in training … gee, I wonder if that might have been a pre-existing condition?

    Nothing like believing that a huge Sky King is watching your every move, and will punish you in flames for eternity if you make a wrong move, to get rid of that paranoia, right?

    Dr. Tardy summarizes thusly:

    Now here's my OWN warning: there are people like this “out there” – probably not a lot of them, but all it takes is one to ruin your day. Don't ever believe that there aren't. A little bit of paranoia might be a fine tool to have in this matter – don't blithely go through your day thinking that everyone you meet sees you the way your fellow martial artists see you.

    If you have the misfortune to live in a Hell-hole like Kenner, LA and you practice martial arts, my heart goes out to you. Run, before the Righteous Ones come for you!
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    I can smelllllll the butt-hurt this guy has experienced in the hand of Karate person.
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    Give war a chance.
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    You know if this guy put half the effort into his training as he now does splicing tidbits of scripture together to damn martial arts he probably could have become a formidable man.
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  6. Caneman

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    Sorry Phil, but there are too many points to bother even addressing in what this "piece of work" is that this "Doctor" wrote.
    2 Tim 2:23: Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.
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    lol, excellent point, sir. My own system and school are based on Christian morals and principles. The funny thing is, when my instructor was starting out, I think he met this guy and had an excellent argument on subject, and shut him up. Sounds like the same guy anyway.
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