Thou Shalt Not Poomse: Dr. Russell Tardo on The Evil of Martial Arts

Discussion in 'Articles' started by SifuPhil, May 24, 2013.

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    Of course, Vincent would be a good mob name anyway...
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    Your theories on this are just abstract reasoning (speculation at best),assumptions based on limited knowledge of information gathered to favor the out come of this situation! We do not live in the wild west any longer! Master Fahy
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  3. SifuPhil

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    Perhaps you've never lived in the same kinds of neighborhoods I have, or worked in the same places I have, but I can assure you that the Wild West is alive and well and living in the United States.

    If my theories are abstract (which I dispute, since they are drawn from history) or assumptions (which I deny, since I have been witness to their effective usage) then the only person I'm harming is myself.
  4. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Samurai

    SifuPhil, Having been born and raised in one one the biggest cities in the USA ( Rocky was filmed in my neighborhood), traveling and living around the world, working in many different places, I have a lot of experience in the military, as a civilian and in law enforcement. My observations says other wise! In the wild west they use to carry guns in the open carry position and the only law many times was the gun. Were not talking Hollywood here! I admit that sometimes we may think like that because of all the crime but, we do have laws and we need abide by them because we live in a society that without the law, a lot of us would be just part of history, its call a memory! As a law enforcement officer, there are laws I don't agree but I must enforce the law as society has written them. However as a individual, I try to use the best judgement that I can, be fair and impartial to all sides. I still don't believe that the wild west is alive and well! Master Fahy
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    If you grew up in Philly then I don't understand how you didn't see the "street life" all around you, unless (as in my case) it was a different time. If you and I are close in age then that might be a possible explanation.

    When I grew up in NY there were not anywhere NEAR the number of incidents that there are now. Look at the South Bronx ... look at East L.A. ... Compton ... any of those kinds of places. Tell me the average Joe Citizen doesn't take his life in his hands just driving through those neighborhoods. Tell me I don't read every day about some violent crime someplace. Even in this little one-horse town I live in now there are daily muggings, wife beatings, drug deals gone bad, robberies, burglaries ...

    Now I'll agree that these incidents don't all involve free-for-all gun-play - that's an exaggeration on my part, granted - but the violence level is alive and well, whether it's administered by gun, knife, bat or fist.

    By the way, you realize that there are currently some places in the West (Arizona?) that allow open-carry, don't you? What about Castle Doctrine - most of the time that's going to involve firearm use, the only "law" that applies in that situation.

    I don't want to come off as a Chicken Little screaming about the downfall of the American Empire, but I also don't want to ignore what I see on a daily basis. Without law, I think the outcome would be a survival of the fittest - and the only difference between that and what we have now is a VERY thin veneer of rules.

    ... and rules are easily broken ...
  6. Master Fahy

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    I agree about the exaggeration on your part! I'm well aware of the level of violence and that it is a live and well. I'm also well aware of the open carry in some places. As for being chicken little (I'm sure you have pictures to prove that),RIGHT? With or without the law, our society is one of survival of the fittest! It's the only system we have at this, until they get a better one, we're stuck with it! As an artist, one paints or draws a picture as one sees it, right! We must look at the total picture, not just one side of it. I don't agree with every law on the books as an individual but, as a law enforcement officer...I have a duty to uphold the law and sometimes I struggle with it because I don't see the reason behind some of the laws....but, it's not for me to decide, so I let the court system do it. As an individual, I like the theory of "eye for an eye" and one should be able to defend ones self but if everyone did it, then we would live in a lawless society which would be much worst for all of us. Master Fahy
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  7. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    See? We're not so different after all ...

    Just watch the news on TV or browse the 'Net - you'll see plenty. And there's much more that you won't see.

    And there's where we ARE different. I could never participate in a system that punishes people for something that I don't believe is wrong.

    Like making a marijuana bust ... I personally don't believe it's wrong to use it and I certainly don't think the courts have such a liberal view, so I could not become a LEO just on that alone.

    As the character Xavier St. Cloud said in Highlander, "I don't sleep with virgins and I don't kill children". Sometimes you just have to sacrifice money and security for morals and ethics.

    Here again I'll disagree with you, on the basis of chaos theory - that a system, no matter HOW chaotic, will eventually even-out and become balanced.
  8. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Samurai

    f26_zps5c6fc3ce.jpg Sam_Stone_27.jpg
    Not necessarily in your favor!

    Master Fahy
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  9. SifuPhil

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    Sometimes I find it extremely difficult to tell the two apart ...

    Actually a recent poll says that the majority of the population favors legalization.

    Don't make the common mistake of confusing the long-established power-base of a few entitled white men with the true will of the people. Society doesn't say it - a few guys with lots of money to lose say it.

    That's a sacrifice I would never make. I would rather live outside society.

    No, of course not, but at least it would be a natural system, not a corruption-riddled man-made one.
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    john2054 Nearly graduate

    Hi guy's sorry to interrupt this interesting debate, but if you'd just let me throw my oil onto the fire so to speak. The chaos theory which sifuphil cites, does not to my knowledge propose that all things return to equilibrium once the dust settles so to speak. Rather, to my knowledge, it presupposes that things COULD return to settle once the dust blows away, or equally it presupposes that the damage done by the storm could be so irrevocable that the system fails, the organism dies or whatever analogy you choose to substitute, do so here. The chaos theory is again, to my knowledge a mathematical concept read science read philosophy read knowledge. really you can choose the definition. but this is a math which deals with more than just numbers, indeed it is an applied math, and just like treating mental illness (of which ive negated for the last eight years, negated or is that debated?) this time off work has also given me time to write on my books, or should that be in them. And yes phil i havent forgotten of my offer to you to get you one, when the new edition is ready.

    But maths (chaos theory), shouldn't be treated as divorced from the reality of the living nexus. i like to trigger arguments. You might have noticed that? And generally get booted off these forums for much less than i have said on here. So then that's to your guys credit that you haven't ejected me as of yet. Because if you can but believe it, the internet, and these martial forums in particular, are a perfect stimulus place, for boiling ideas and weighing out clashes. I cannot stress that enough.

    I first hit the net about the time of my first incarceration. Well that's not strictly true. i started writing my first book then. Or even finished (the first edition). I first hit the net about ten years before on the chess yahoo net. Which is extinct now, but i think i managed to shift things quite a bit on there though at the time. I don't think my three books have had the desired influence on the publishing world yet, because i haven't sold many. But be this as it may, I will say now that i have changed myself by my writing books, and they have helped shape and shift my own character, both through my own martial read way of a warrior lol life, jk, or whatever. or my fight with mental illness, which at this rate will be over in four years when ii finish this medical cycle and finally have my drugs reduced to zero to input. there is a long way to go until then. both in matital, medical, academic martial and spiritual terms. but we are headed in the right condition with me having just done 2 years part time at my local uni and have my meds reduced twice in the row. maybe i will make my millions in years to come, and finally find a publisher to take up my work. maybe i wont. but that wont stop me. take it easy.
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  11. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    Depending upon whether we're discussing Attractors or Strange Attractors I would either agree or disagree. ;)

    It is a mathematical way of expressing natural phenomenon, I agree. But it is in fact a highly accurate description of non-accurate systems. That's why I said that although a society could fall into chaos, it would eventually, like Nature, survive. Survival means that there is a certain amount of balance in a system, therefore society would fall into not necessarily the same mode of operation, but a mode nevertheless that allowed life to continue.

    As Dr. Malcolm said in Jurassic Park, "Life finds a way". We have critters that have adapted to conditions of pressure, temperature and pollution that would normally kill any living organism. We have species that have gone extinct by the hand of Man, yet through Man's intelligence we now have the technology to bring them back - who is to say that is not Order arising out of Chaos?

    I appreciate your offer and look forward to the book. (y)

    I consider myself a follower of Taoist philosophy which explicitly states that Chaos ultimately resolves into Order, so I'm pretty much locked into believing that. But I see it in Nature all the time, so the believing isn't that difficult.

    So you yourself are an agent of Chaos - you bring about Destruction with the knowledge that something newer, and stronger, will arise.

    I've had the honor of being informed by at least a few people that one of my books has changed their life for the better, so the lack of millionaire-making sales figures doesn't really bother me. I long ago gave up the illusion that I would ever be materially rich, but I would pit my Spirit against that of anyone else.

    Congrats on your progress! (y)
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    Hi Sifu Phil I will pm you...

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