Traditional Horse Stance. Is it possible to use in a real fight or in street self-defense?

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  1. Vidadi


    I made a video of some possible applications. It is just a demo with slow and light performance in order to show basic principles of applications. But I am goinning to do video of my full contact sparring and I try to apply horse stance in a fight. Let me know your opinin and suggections of other way how apply horse stance. Then I will do a video with your variations and I also try to use it in a fight. If you like th idea, then please subscribe to my youtube channel and support our project.

    Here is my video:

    Thank you for your time and future comments
  3. Arun Kumar Saha

    Arun Kumar Saha Initiate

    Hi, Mate video is great if you can explain in next videos as well that will surely help newbies.thanks.

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