Translator needed for extremely rare old Japanese karate manual

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  1. Dale

    Dale Scholar of the martial arts

    Hey everyone, for anyone who knows me I do naifanchi-do karate-justsu which is a split off of shudokan.
    I recently discovered a 50+ year old book written by the founder of shudokan sadly it is not known to many people and in japanese only.

    Here it is if anyone knows japanese.
    Also if anyone would take the time to translate it I know it is a hassle but it would be greatly appreciated
  3. Tim G

    Tim G Initiate

    Hi Dale, as the new guy on the forum - it's probably not smart for me to try and be funny, but maybe you wanna check this out ;)

    Sorry guy, can't help you - but hope you'll find a way, sounds interesting.
  4. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    I am not japanese, nor translator ... those symbols looks like
    kenji or kanji ... I wish I can copy and paste those symbols into this
    or ... not sure how to do image into text but you can try this

    well I just translated one of them from taking a picture of it and it scanned then one symbol just said "other"

    I tried the "Google Translate" @

    ... might do better if you print it out like just one of those many pages ... then take picture which may be clearer than try it on the monitor like I just did :) ... ... it did translated but not every single symbol.

    I fiddling it around alittle more ... in page 8 at the top ... said introduction ... first ... two ... three ... four ... five

    remember japanese read from right to left ... top to bottom
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  5. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    Scanning after took a photo
    I highlighted cause it asked to ... Each one
    again ... See top ... It translated

    Hope that helps (y)
  6. Dale

    Dale Scholar of the martial arts

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  7. Dave76

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    Do you have a local Japanese Society group? A Japanese consulate? Any Japanese MA schools with a Japanese fluent instructor? A local high school which teaches Japanese? Hell, even a really good Japanese restaurant? Just get out there and ask people, even if they just point you in the right direction, it'd be a start.
  8. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    I have ... nearly every chinese and japanese restaurants and even college international community center as well ... best I can get is my wife's friend who is a exchange student from Japan was able to translate this. This is older than Modern Kenji Japanese Language, might be before 18th century. IMG_6637.JPG

    Probably, your best option is to find a exchange student from Japan

    This box's Kenji language said :

    You must keep up your guard even after a victory



    Sold it to a buyer to Russia :)
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  9. Battodoka07

    Battodoka07 Warrior Monk

    early spring in 31th year of Showa period . I would like to thank all of you who contributed to the time to publish this book.

    Pretty much, intro and acknowledgements for the scans. Won't be able to do the whole book as it would be very time consuming and my Kanji is not as good as my Sensei's.

    Right now working, training and going back to school for a 2nd Masters Degree. Short break in class schedule right now, hence the reason why I'm back posting on here.
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