Turning the other cheek

Discussion in 'Striking Martial Arts' started by Vldz, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. SifuPhil

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    So that "Thou shalt not kill" line -

    We should take that with the proverbial grain of salt also? :sneaky:
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  2. Caneman

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    The Hebrew word is ratsach - "raw-tsakh"... and the translation is to: dash into pieces, killing a human being as especially in murder... to murder, slay(er), murder(er).

    The commandment is not to murder and in proper context defines the separation of killing and murdering. As killing unfortunately can be directed by king, judicial, (president in current times), etc.
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  3. Vengence but you logic is sound..
  4. SifuPhil

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    You sound like you're a bit of a Biblical scholar, or at least a talented amateur ... ;)
  5. He's absulutely right according to Moses and King David's law!...Krave Maga!,Baby!
  6. Vldz

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    I disagree. In Aussie, it will only take a touch - really, just a touch and people will sue you for "assault" or "harassment".

    "Fighting" in Aussie usually involves a lot a hand held camera (smart phone or otherwise) and "not-me" "not-me", "it was him".
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  7. Kids,we have a damn gang ...splintered...I fear leader ship..yes,Furher...I'm ex-cop,K-9..I fear and I've been in war...Martial artsist teah plz...
  8. Our justice systen is founded on Greek,Roman,and yes..Persains...And the almighty Masons...
  9. SifuPhil

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  10. Sabomnim Dan

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    They may threaten to sue, but it seems to be more like the modern day version of "I'll get my big brother...". These same people also run to the police at the drop of a hat trying to make a report in the hope that the police will win whatever current dispute they are having. I think it is a symptom of not having the skills (martial or communicative) to defend themselves coupled with a lack of self-empowerment which would otherwise alliw them to be masters of their own destiny.

    This unfortunately is true and not exclusive to Australia. I think it's a sad reflection on society when poeple (not always young) believe the appropriate response is not to help defend another but to use their phone to video rather than call for help.
    BTW I'm talking more about push and shove or fisticuffs but in more serious circumstances (weapons involved) defending another could be as simple as yelling out to stop or 'call the police' (from a safe distance), anything that might make the aggressor think twice or hesitate and allow the victim to escape.
    Instead we see a mad scramble to be the first to upload the video and get the most 'likes' or views.
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  11. Gone

    Gone Guest

    I think it is very ameture-ish to let someone free fall to the ground in a fight. People die easily, this way, when their head hits the ground.

    I think that maybe it should be considered attempted murder or some other similar charge to keep hitting them in the head even after they are spread out on the ground - which is something you see alot of people doing. I don't know. Just a thought.
  12. WoW!,News to me...I was shot douwn in a UH-60..
  13. Gone

    Gone Guest

    ^^ In war, as far as my opinion goes, it's a bit different. I don't believe in any conduct of war except that of "total war" and that means everyone and everything is a target, there are no rules, no "Geneva convention" to hide behind, no such thing as "war crimes" or "collateral damage", and so on, and so forth, the use or non-use of WMD's is at the discretion of those who possess them, etc.

    A bunch of people scrapping it out on the street in the pub carpark or whatever is what I was referring to.
  14. In todays enviorments...yes war and most offten total..War is mans greatest enterprise for .......!Thus new fighting skills like the many house of Kwan...ect.
  15. dmach

    dmach Martial Archivest

    Wars DO need rules... You can't shell a school for Laughs, or a church, or a hospital for that matter - thats the Hague Convention. The Geneva Convention is the one that governs the conduct of troops vs other troops - which sadly gets broken on a regular basis anyway. Interesting trivia point... Australia isn't actually a signitory of the Geneva convention - we we're included as part of the Commonwealth when the Brits signed it.
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  16. Vldz

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    If you ask me, it is a good thing that we still have rules in war.

    The last thing you need is countries at war and then the civilian (say hospital) get bombed.
  17. SifuPhil

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    This is admittedly a pet peeve of mine. It's like two little kids screaming "My Daddy can beat YOUR Daddy!", but updated to sound more like "My lawyer can beat YOUR lawyer!"

    To me, it's always been a sign of weakness, of not being able to fight your own battles, of needing a third-party to take up your cause. In a larger view, it seems to be an indication of how weak the general population has become.

    I like the self-empowerment angle - I never said it quite that way, but it's very true. (y)

    Yet another peeve.

    I saw a statistic the other day - not sure how accurate, but the sample population was 17,000 - that 86% of UK children between 7 - 16 years old own their own cell phone, but only 73% own a book.

    That's sad, but it's also scary.

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