UFC 158: St-Pierre vs Diaz Pre-fight Press Conference

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by Kevin, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Can't wait for this one :)

  3. dgasmd

    dgasmd Disciple

    Most of these guys are such bunch of dumb douches that I sincerely find it an insult to martial arts. Are they good fighters? I am not sure. Most seem to me like a pair of animals that can speak more than 2 athletes fighting!
  4. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    Nick is a douche, I'll give you that. But an insult to Martial Arts? As well they're not athletes?

    GSP is a 3rd dan black belt in Kyohushin kaikan
    1st degree black belt in BJJ under Gracie Barra
    Black Belt in Gaidojutsu

    Nick Diaz is a black belt in BJJ in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. As well a Triathlete.

    Johny Hendricks NCAA Division 1 wrestler for Oklahoma State University

    Carlos Condit is a Brown Belt in BJJ

    Jake Ellenberger is a purple belt in BJJ as well a NCAA Division 2 wrestler. He studied psychology and was an assistant coach for the wrestling team of University of Nebraska at Omaha

    Nate Marquardt is a 2nd degree black belt in BJJ under Ricardo Murgel.
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  5. dgasmd

    dgasmd Disciple

    You read my post in absolute terms rather than how I actually wrote it. If you define a good martial artist just as someone very good at throwing punches or kicks, good a blocking them, or someone good at applying a submission,then you failed to understand its true meaning in my opinion. Those are good fighters, not martial artists.
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  6. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    I'm happy that you decide to define Martial Arts for the reasons of either self-defense, physical, mental health and fitness. But it does not change the other end of the definition.[even if you choose to ignore it] Combat and competition. Just because someone chooses to compete doesn't mean they aren't Martial Artists. Plain and simple.

    I bolded the important parts.
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  7. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Matt, don't disagree at all with what you are saying... but as I read it, DGASMD is simply stating that it is only fighting without "guiding principles" ... like honor, courage, humility, respect, etc... this doesn't necessarily exclude all fighters, but it does define a "traditional" difference.
    The traditional crowd tends to believe that your behavior is an integral part of defining you as a martial artist.
    Fighting arts without guiding behavioral principles (not talking rules of disqualification in competition), could care less how you behave.
    I do think it is a reach to evaluate these fighters negatively without knowing them. (Example: to say they are without honor, humility, etc).
    But, will say, in watching through most of that video... you and Enkidu do appear to be right in the evaluation of Diaz as a douche.
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  8. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    The Diaz brothers are MAJOR douchebags and always have been. I always root for whomever they are fighting.

    They ALSO happen to be very accomplished fighters and martial artists.

    Regardless, I hope GSP mops the floor with Diaz. I don't want the fight to end quickly. I hope it is a 5-round, 1-sided beat down so that Nick Diaz feels pain and humiliation for weeks to come.
  9. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

  10. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

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  11. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

  12. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    I am excited that Daron Cruishank is fighting! Love his style, hope he makes it big!
  13. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    Love Dana's double underhooks


    UFC 158 St-Pierre vs. Diaz weigh-in results
    Montreal, Canada

    Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. Nick Diaz (169)
    Carlos Condit (169) vs. Johny Hendricks (171)
    Jake Ellenberger (170) vs. Nate Marquardt (171)
    Chris Camozzi (185) vs. Nick Ring (183)
    Colin Fletcher (155) vs. Mike Ricci (156)
    Patrick Cote (169) vs. Bobby Voelker (169)
    Antonio Carvalho (145) vs. Darren Elkins (145)
    Jordan Mein (170) vs. Dan Miller (171)
    Daron Cruickshank (155) vs. John Makdessi (155)
    Quinn Mulhern (168) vs. Rick Story (169)
    TJ Dillashaw (135) vs. Issei Tamura (135)
    Reuben Duran (135) vs. George Roop (135)
  14. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    Honestly, so many good fighters on this card that I love. Excited may not be the word to use here, but I can't think of a better one...:D
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  15. Locutus

    Locutus Your fight is futile, my hands are pounding you!

    Notice how he looked really dirty at Diaz?
  16. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    Georges was so pissed at the weigh in! He has had it with Diaz, you can tell. He honestly lasted a lot longer than I did.
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  17. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    Fuck yeah. GSP says he's going to try to finish him, in post fight interview with Helwani on fuel tv. I cant wait to see the beating GSP is going to put on him. Also the Condit/Hendricks fight is going to be epic as well.
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  18. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    Here's the weigh in video if you want to watch it
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  19. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    Did we just become best friends? Want to go do karate in the garage?
    Man I want to see Georges go angry on him! Make him quit in between rounds like he did BJ Penn! Welterweight is my favorite class, tons of great talent at that weight. I dig the lightweights, too, especially now that Cruishank dropped down to it.
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  20. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    I particularly like the GSP vid with him "sparring" the little girl.
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  21. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    I can no longer tell Dana White and Joe Rogan apart.
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