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    I was myself shocked at how Diaz really didn't get a whole lot done.
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    Just watched it last night.

    Hendricks and Conduit was definetly fight of the night, so wish that had gone another two, result would have been different then I think, but man that was close.

    GSP was, sorry Eric:cautious:, predictable, for the first 2 rounds anyway.
    Until about the third rd when Diaz actually started stuffing some of GSP's takedowns. Does any of you guys know if that's the most failed takedown attemps by GSP ever in a fight? Had to be surely.
    I was amazed when GSP actually tried to stand and bang with Diaz in those last couple of rounds. I can only imagine that Diaz's little taunts must have been getting to him and he wanted to prove something.

    When GSP first came to the UFC he had very little wrestling and got whipped by Matt Huges in his first title shot.
    He went out and trained his wrestling until it got to the point that the Canadian national team said he had a place if he wanted it.
    He returned for the re-match and out wrestled the wrestler. He has been dominate with his wrestling ever since.
    If MMA is geared towards wrestlers, well then, that's great! You've just identified what you need to work on then. So shut the F up and go and do what GSP had to do to get the title and go and master some wrestling.

    In saying all that though, I do think Kevin made a good point about takedowns only being a factor in scoring if they lead to something.
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    Condit was quite open about his own limitations after the fight. Said he got out-wrestled in his last two fights and needs to improve in that area.
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    He was definitely predictable, he shut Diaz down, everyone was predicting that. I'm a huge fan of his ground game, love to see it. I think if people want to see more boxing, watch boxing.

    I remember reading late last year about the fact that they did change the take down scoring, if you didn't advance to a dominate position and score (read attempt a submission or strike) the takedown does not count. I couldn't find the source of this however, so maybe it hasn't become official. I did find this...
    1. Judges shall use a sliding scale and recognize the length of time the fighters are either standing or on the ground, as follows:
    2. if the mixed martial artists spent a majority of a round on the canvas, then:
      1. Effective grappling is weighed first; and
      2. Effective striking is then weighed
    3. If the mixed martial artists spent a majority of a round standing, then:
      1. Effective striking is weighed first; and
      2. Effective grappling is then weighed

    Found http://www.ufc.com/discover/sport/rules-and-regulations#14

    Which tells me if you don't want to be scored on your grappling, don't get taken down!
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