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    I remember reading an article after the 'toothpick' fight, that having the toothpick in the right is against the rules and would get you disqualified. You aren't allowed to bring anything in the ring other than your shorts, cup, something to hold back your hair, and your gloves. I wouldn't refer to having it as cocky, however, just stupid.
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    Well this was a damn creepy fight...

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  3. Dave76

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    Beautiful leg check, absolute text book. And absolute class afterwards. Respect level for Weidman just went up sevenfold.

    First round was pretty much what I expected, Weidman took it to the ground and yet for all his attempt's at ground and pound, it was Weidman himself who came up bleeding just a little at the end of the round.

    But that leg check in the second was so sweet, together with Silva putting everything into it, as always and then Wham!:eek:
    That's got to fricken hurt man.

    So far I've only watched the two main events, going to go back and watch the rest now.

    But have to say that Rousey's performance is without doubt the greatest display of Judo I've ever seen in MMA...mens or womens, period. But not shaking Tate's hand afterwards was a mistake. Childish and petty. She deserved all those boo's for that.
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    Completely agree here. Her standup game has greatly improved as well
    Completely disagree here. Tate and her camp did EVERYTHING possible to mess with Rhonda and her camp. I prefer someone who doesn't put on an act and shake hands for the sake of sportsmanship, Rhonda doesn't like her. Rhonda said she was going to destroy Tate. She wasn't acting, she did actually mean it and wasn't hyping up the fight.

    Boo'ing any fighter that steps into the cage to put their health, well being, etc. at risk for our entertainment is completely ignorant and to be frank, moronic. No fighter should be boo'd inside that cage, let alone an undefeated champion.
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  5. Jovan

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    Haven't seen the matches yet, its hard to see UFC matches where I live. I hope I can watch the replay's on youtube soon :(
  6. DeeD

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    I agree its the longest and hardest fight she has had so far she could atleast shake her opponents hand, They professional fighters act like one

    Its because of how emotional Rhonda gets, if you saw the Tuf season you see she doesnt deal with the headgames well, so they were psyching her out, Much like Tito did with Shamrock. Im interested in seeing an olympian vs an olympian with Rhonda Vs Sara Mcann (Olympic wrestler)

    What u reckon for that one ? Who you betting on Matt
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  7. DeeD

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  8. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    I get what your saying and a big part of me agrees, which is why I could understand in the heat of things.....
    But fortunately for us armchair critiques I had a bit of time to think about it and then I was left feeling, just let it go! Shake the hand, let it go and walk away head held high.
    I watched TUF to and sorry, but Ronda's definitely oversensitive and emotional. Even taking selective editing into account, it was pretty obvious that she leads with her heart and not with her head.

    I would never endorse that either, but I wasn't referring to her as a fighter, but rather how she behaved as a person afterwards.
    The people who were booing her before the fight exactly fit your description. Perhaps I could have worded it a little better to, perhaps better said as - she shouldn't have been surprised to get boo'd after doing something like that.
    She can say she doesn't care about the boo's, but her body language clearly said otherwise.

    Childish and petty I said...well maybe that choice of wording was a bit harsh, but it did come across that way to a lot of people, clearly not just me. I was honestly thinking big picture, her sponsors, her fan base, her legacy, etc.
    I can't fathom letting someone's silly little games get to me so much that I would choose to link their name together with mine for all time by doing something that almost all people, rightly or wrongly, viewed as unsportsmanlike. Because that's what just happened. 20 yrs from now when they talk about the introduction of women into the UFC and their first big star, Ronda Rousey....the next name mentioned now will always be her great nemesis Meisha Tate, blah, blah...

    Sad, but going to be true.
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  9. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Note to self, if in a fight with Travis Browne, DO NOT get near his elbows:eek::inpain::blackeye:

    That man is nasty!
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  10. Dave76

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  11. MattCMMA

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    fixed :)
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  12. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Silver medallist vs Bronze....Yep, that's going to be a great test for Ronda I think. Can the wrestler control where the fight stay's and put Ronda in a bad place? Surely if anyone was going to be able to, it's got to be an Olympic level wrestler.

    Rashad Evens vs Cormier on the same card at UFC170. Another Olympic wrestler kicking ass and taking names. I think Evans is going to have his work cut out for him on this one. Cormier is so frickin talented it's scary.
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  13. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    Weidman and his team keeping it classy :cautious::cautious::cautious::cautious:

    Immediately after knocking out Anderson at UFC 162 and winning the 185 lb. title Weidman can be heard calling Silva a "disrespectful piece of shit.

    While most showed concern for Silva's injury, the video above shows a different reaction from the coach's in Weidman's corner. After seeing that Anderson's leg had snapped, one person appears to be saying "Good, fuck him. Good"


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