UFC Finds Loophole to Bring MMA to NY

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by RJ Clark, Feb 14, 2013.

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    I think that in Australia, or at least in the state of Victoria, we're still waiting for the "authorities" or "governning bodies" to quit circle jerking each other and give MMA the green light to go ahead.. Or not.

    Good news for the residents of New York, none the less. One more victory for the people and one less for a unrepresenting, representative government.
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    This is definitely progress. The only thing that tends to worry me is that BR and middleeasy are the only 2 news sources reporting on it. I may be wrong but these are the 2 I've found. Big news like this would surely be pasted all over all major MMA news websites. Also if you look at Ariel Helwani's [ from mmafighting.com] Twitter post

    Ariel Helwani@arielhelwani
    @sma11z99: @arielhelwani can u confirm what Middle Easy is reporting? UFC is able to host events in NY now?” Not quite yet. Still hurdles.

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