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Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by MattCMMA, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

  3. Im here bro....actually I wanna catch belfort and bisping...I kjnda wanna see bispjng and silva go at it
  4. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    saw you come in and then leave, come on back, i may be idle a little bit, but the prelims are on now. main card doesn't start for another 2 hrs
  5. Yeah gotta put the kids yo bed....hopefully eil, get to see last fight...goona be a good one....yu go on sherdog.com?
  6. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    Yeah amoungst the many other sites that I look to. I would like to setup a chat for everyday type of chat on this forum, as well a mini chat or the same chat for fight fans to come and chat while fights are on. As well I can provide links for those that cant catch it on tv but have internet. :)
  7. Locutus

    Locutus Your fight is futile, my hands are pounding you!

    That sounds like a good idea Matt. I am currently watching the UF series which I got from someone as I don't get it where I am :( So far I am loving it. Half way through the second season.
  8. While on the subject....too bad for bisping....wanna see him fight silva....and silva wants to fight him also

    Ufc fucked up strikeforce....sf should be a tournament format and winners can come ul and challenge in the ufc....that would be cool!
  9. Charlay Atkins

    Charlay Atkins Samurai

    Thanks again for the links last night, found it really cool watching the fights. Very entertaining.(y)

    Also I think this is a really cool idea too, I for one would be really interested in this.;)
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  10. Locutus

    Locutus Your fight is futile, my hands are pounding you!

    I'm just watching bisping now when he first came into UF in season three.
  11. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    come to chatroom, got some replay links. :)

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