ufc rashad evans gets bernard hopkins advice on boxing and punching

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  1. if the link doesn't work go to youtube and type in rashad evans or rashad evans and Bernard Hopkins

    if you like to fight or spar its great advice....

    stuff like don't setup punches just throw them at angles so opponent doesn't know they r coming
    use your lead leg like a ruler to judge your spacing
    use footwork to lure your opponent to where yu want him
    when you move from side to side throw a shot while you are movin
    use your shoulder and hide behind it to block shots
    speed and accuracy is MOST important
    chin down

    anyone care to argue this stuff? anyone agree with this stuff?

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  3. RJ Clark

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    Some of the advice is universally useful, but much of it is more applicable for boxing. Overall tho it's very cool to see genuine enthusiasm from each one about the other as a fighter and for each others sport.
  4. I enjoyed it because for my fists I use boxing....legs karate...theory jkd and samurai

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