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    Look I think there are some unnecessary strikes that could complicate the move but there are some effective techniques in that mix, Ive been on the receiving end with some of the strikes to the arms like that and you cant hold that knife when it is done properly, It was a high level guy that I was training with actually from a Kung fu style and he was doing very similar techniques that were very effective
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    what you have on the vid is Emil and his students training. you are not watching a "training" vid, which would be showing you the destructions and breaks. BUT I had to laugh when he threw the knife in the air and caught it again in the other hand while the opponent just stood there and watched. also the high kick. why? when a hand technique would be quicker. I also watched your other vid and the Instructor made some very valid points. no one can truly train themselves against an experienced knife wielder, they are too quick and you will get cut. but you will have some chance if you at least know some kind of techniques. Happy training (y)
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    The techniques in the first minute or so, there is actually no reason why those techniques WOULDN'T work on the street. The street is about aggression, if you take the view of "It's me or him" and your attitude is aggressive enough, then why not?

    Some of the knife techniques are dubious, but others are quite useful. While I personally believe that the best knife self defence is as soon as you see the knife, attack first, attack hard and keep attacking until the threat no longer exists, any sort of training is better than nothing.
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    One of the things I learned in the military with knife fighting, is: in a real knife fight, expect to be cut. The idea is to not get cut anywhere vital. And yes, no one does one stab and leaves the arm outstretched. Get your hands on any video showing a prison riot where a knife is used, and you will see how the majority of standard karate school techniques would be sorely lacking.
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